As December arrives, how has everyone's year been? During this chilly winter, it's natural to yearn for the comfort of home, playing favorite songs, illuminating with preferred lights, tuning in to beloved albums, and dining with favored tableware. In the hustle and bustle of urban life, such simple everyday routines can be elusive. Today, let me recommend some exquisite tableware to help elevate everyone's winter vibes!

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One of the Japanese dramas I enjoy, "Yesterday's Delicacy," is gearing up for its second season. What I love most about the show is its focus on daily life and culinary experiences around the dining table—an ideal setting for discussions about life's nuances and troubles.

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Taking a class on kinship studies this semester, I learned from various ethnographic materials that "communal dining" sometimes forms more substantial familial bonds than mere biological relations. This holds true for societies like Langkawi in Malaysia or among the Atayal, Taroko, and Seediq in Taiwan.

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This emphasizes how pivotal the "dining table" is! Though different societies may have varied table settings and tableware due to cultural differences, as highlighted by the anthropologist Marshall Sahlins, the relational self and mutual existence play crucial roles in forming kinship ties.

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Through communal dining practices, we realize a different type of relationship with our dining companions, distinct from interactions with strangers. Sharing meals and daily practices like sleeping reaffirm the roles we play in each other's lives.

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Even dining alone provides a moment of serenity, fostering a connection between oneself, the space, and the food being enjoyed. Dining solo is not lonely; sometimes, these moments of solitude allow for deeper introspection.

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