With Christmas around the corner, I've been frequenting various markets in the past couple of weeks—from Zhongshan and Shuanglian to Yuanshan and Banqiao—picking up new decorations and scented items, intending to rearrange my room to welcome the new year. New scents, fresh decor, new posters, and a whole new attitude. Today, let me share with you several home dining utensils that you'll definitely love. Let's join the decluttering and revamping journey together!

​​JOTO Kiln-varied Ceramic Public Cup _GBR0061

As I'm entering a new phase in life recently, I've decided to break a few bad habits and cultivate some new ones before the year-end. Some say it takes at least 21 days to form a habit, so starting now will prepare me sufficiently for the next year.

​​JOTO Handcrafted Ceramic Kiln-varied Tea Cup_XCBR0138

For those looking to cultivate a reading habit, try practicing reading for 30 minutes daily. Not too much, not too little—just a deliberate 30 minutes of reading every day, a timeframe that's long enough to push yourself but not too overwhelming. This principle applies to reading and even running.

​​JOTO Antique Glazed Hand-painted Blue and White Covered Bowl_GWR0036

Numerous studies in environmental psychology demonstrate that the environment can influence one's mental state. So, now is a perfect time to start tidying up the room, stowing away unused items, or getting rid of them, and replacing them with new decor. Altering the physical space can positively impact one's mental state, signaling a time for a fresh start.

​​JOTO Handcrafted Ceramic High-footed Snack Plate_CJR0550

A new desk lamp, scented candles with a fresh aroma, changing the way the bookshelf is arranged to catch more sunlight—these are all attempts to change oneself by changing the environment. If possible, consider swapping last year's frequently used water cup for one that better matches your current taste, allowing both your environment and yourself to evolve simultaneously.

​​JOTO Japanese-style Heat-resistant Clay Tea Pot_CHR0638

Take these final two weeks of the year to contemplate your current life and rearrange your home, allowing the environment to reflect who you are now or who you aspire to become. Perhaps, beneath these material rearrangements, we'll become better versions of ourselves.

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