Last weekend, amidst a light drizzle, I drove with friends to Sanzhi to gaze at the sea. It's incredible how staying away from the seaside for too long can magnify one's troubles. The moment I felt the sea breeze and witnessed the waves, my mood lifted, and the clouds in my mind dispersed. Today, let's chat about the color blue through the lens of the Blue Series!


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Lately, the workload has been overwhelming for me, and at times, it feels like life is on the verge of overwhelming me. During such moments, I turn to rewatching my favorite Italian dark humor animated series, "Lo Sguardo dell'Altro" ("The Contours of Life"). It always provides new insights into life.


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In 2021, Italian cartoonist Zerocalcare released the animated series "Strappare lungo i bordi" ("Tear Along the Dotted Line"), depicting the protagonist Zero's realizations about life. As a somewhat perfectionist editor, I often find myself overly critical, leading to anxiety and sleepless nights.


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When the protagonist, driven by fear of disappointing his teacher, is overwhelmed by anxiety, his friend tells him, "You don't need to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders; you're just a leaf in the grassland." These words bring solace to the protagonist's troubled heart.


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Human geography categorizes landscapes into large and small scales. The expansive seashore is a prime example of a large-scale landscape, and there's a reason for that. By the sea, I realize how minuscule I am amidst the vast forces of nature.


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Discovering one's insignificance isn't entirely negative. Occasionally, shrinking oneself makes troubles seem smaller too. In this world, where the scale determines our perspective, we can always find a dimension that allows a small garden to bloom in our hearts.


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