Life, much like a cup of tea, takes us from richness to subtlety, mirroring the journey from abundance to decline. The best way to live: body diligent, heart kind, and spirit harmonious. Instead of envying others' good fortune or admiring their happiness, why not live our own lives well? Live in a way that suits us, and sometimes, embracing a timely laid-back attitude isn't such a bad idea. Today, let me chat about life while recommending some beautiful tea sets!

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Recently I happened to see a video on Youtube discussing the philosophy of lying flat (Youtuber "Super Wai") . From the philosophy of Zhuangzi in China to existentialism, people worldwide are contemplating alternative ways of existence,a lifestyle that values self-rest.

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The video mentioned that our current working hours of eight hours a day is a result of the late 19th-century labor movement in the United States. One of the movement's songs sang, "Eight hours of work, eight hours of rest, eight hours belongs to ourselves." Do you truly allocate those eight hours for yourself as the advocates of the movement originally intended?

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Capitalistic values have infiltrated our lives since the inception of classical sociology. Especially in recent times, many studies under the guise of "successology" advocate maximizing personal value and building a personal brand. These concepts often prevent us from truly resting as we continually serve capitalism.

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We must realize that the logic of "brand management" and "maximizing time value" benefits someone who profits from our constant self-demand. We often neglect the value of "rest," "sleep," "idleness," and "accompanying family and friends" in the pursuit of continuous self-improvement.

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Things that cannot be immediately monetized do not mean they lack value in life. While we strive for the accumulation of wealth, we forget that the greatest value in life lies in "experiencing life" itself, rather than pursuing maximized value. Truly experiencing life is the precious value of being human. Have you had a good rest today?


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