When you visit the JOTO official website, is it difficult to choose which cup is suitable for you, or which cup is suitable for drinking? It doesn't matter, let me sort out some of my own selection methods today, and take you to choose the most suitable cup for you!


1. Tip 1: The coffee you drink is very important! Hot and cold black and white aesthetics are very different~

I don’t know what kind of coffee everyone is used to drinking. My habit is to drink a cup of iced Americano in the morning to refresh myself. What kind of cup should I use at this time? In my opinion, the darker color of iced Americano coffee is more suitable for serving in an iced glass. On the one hand, there is no need to worry about the drink being too hot, and you need to choose a cup with a handle. On the other hand, the glass cup can show the cool and refreshing feeling of iced American style. The iced Americano served in the early morning is more suitable to be served in a clear glass!

【Product recommendation】 Play pottery Japanese handmade glass drinking cup_CUPR0542

For example, this wine glass is very suitable for serving iced Americano. The hammer pattern design increases the reflection of light inside the container, making Americano coffee appear more translucent and present different colors. If you drink hot American coffee, I personally recommend a mug with a white inner wall. On the one hand, the mug has a handle so that it will not be hot, and on the other hand, the white inner wall will make the color of black coffee appear richer.  For example, the following mug can highlight the richness of black coffee, and the small cup of hot American coffee looks just right in the coffee cup!

【Product recommendation】 JOTO Japanese-style gold-plated creative simple coffee cup_CFR0099


2. Tip 2: The shape of the coffee cup is also important! The value of the appearance all depends on the shape of the device!

Next, I would like to talk to you about the shape of the coffee cup. When we hold a cup of hot tea or coffee, the shape of the coffee cup will affect the overall visual experience. If you choose a longer coffee cup with a smaller mouth, the overall visual focus will be placed on the coffee cup. At this time, whether the material of the coffee cup is eye-catching is very important. I think the long coffee cup below is very suitable, because the different colors have a sense of hierarchy, so that the coffee cup will not look too monotonous and boring.

【Product Recommendation】 JOTO Handmade Creative Ceramic Coffee Cup_CFR0128

If you choose a coffee cup with a wide top and a narrow bottom, it will be different. The visual focus will be on the edge of the cup. At this time, it is very important whether the color of the drink inside matches the color of the cup outside. If there are milk drinks, I recommend that you try to choose dark coffee cups. On the contrary, if you drink hot tea or hot black coffee, it is recommended that you use light-colored coffee cups. To make the vision full of layers, you can also refer to the product below. The striped design makes the shape of the device more eye-catching, and the butterfly-shaped handle is another highlight. In addition to making it easier for everyone to pick, it can also become the second eye-catching point!

【Product Recommendation】JOTO Handmade Creative Striped Coffee Cup_CFR0109

3. Tip 3: Drinks are very important! Be particular about drinking hot tea!

A few weeks ago, I talked with you about tea-making techniques, and today I would like to add a little bit of personal taste to you. The tea that is finally made must also be served in a beautiful teacup. At this time, the closest thing to Taiwanese tea art was Huayi-style design, such as blue and white porcelain or ink and wash design. I think if you feel that the design of blue and white porcelain is a bit too grand, you can also refer to the ink teacup below. The kaolin bright glaze is not only more durable after being fired at high temperature, but the black ink is blended with the white slightly translucent cup body. It is the most suitable design styles for drinking hot tea!

【Product Recommendation】 JOTO Taiwan Creative Splash Ink Cup_CUPR0006

In the cold winter, choosing a cup that suits you and has a sense of design can not only warm your hands, but if there is a caring person around you, you can also let JOTO warm your heart!

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