【Autumn Special】Besides Admiring the Moon, Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival with Family in this Unusually Warm Autumn


With each passing year, it seems that the effects of extreme weather are becoming more pronounced, and even autumn, a season traditionally associated with coolness, can no longer guarantee that comfort. Despite the arrival of the Mid-Autumn Festival, which marks the midpoint of autumn, the weather shows no sign of cooling down. Instead, we find ourselves amidst the unpredictable climate of an "Indian Summer." Today, let's explore some products together while discussing this eventful autumn season.


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As leaves fall gently, autumn appears to be creeping in, even if we can't quite feel it in the air. Nature, it seems, is more punctual than autumn itself. Unfortunately, so is seasonal allergic rhinitis, which can be quite uncomfortable.


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Holding a fan in hand, attempting to fend off the heat, but ultimately, it seems to chase away only the mosquitoes swirling around. The sweat, however, keeps on dripping. Gathered around the Mid-Autumn Festival barbecue, one hand holding a beer and the other savoring grilled meat, a smile seems to make the heat more bearable.


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Though we know that the tradition of barbecue during the Mid-Autumn Festival originated from a commercial for "Wan-jia-xiang Barbecue Sauce," this beautiful mistake has been repeated year after year. The true origin has been forgotten, and now, barbecue has become an essential Mid-Autumn Festival tradition. The world is changing, and so are traditions, depending on how we define them.


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Besides barbecue, there's also the round, bright moon to admire during the conversation pauses. In Japanese society and culture, "The moon looks beautiful tonight" (今夜は月が綺麗ですね) has become synonymous with "I love you." It is said to have originated from Natsume Soseki, but then again, maybe not. Who it originated from seems less important now; what matters is the unique meaning it has acquired.


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Although the weather hasn't cooled down, and perhaps our hearts haven't either, finding an opportunity to reunite with family in this sweltering autumn can be considered a small blessing. Don't forget to grab a cold beer, bring along some mooncakes, and walk to a place where you can see the moon with your loved ones. From the depths of your heart, exclaim, "今夜は月が綺麗ですね".


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