"A dining table, two cups of boiling water, and a short bookcase, let me pile them up casually, before you can't bear it next time."

The above lyric is "591" by Zheng Yinong, a singer I like very much. It describes a very ordinary daily life. Although it is simple, it is very warm because of the company of a partner. I think one of the aspects of love is being able to be with each other and go through very simple, ordinary lives. Life is not full of surprises every day, and life is not always worth laughing at. In those silent moments, in those boring moments, being able to spend time with each other is a kind of love, I was thinking.

The most indispensable partner in daily life is the meal bowl. Whether it is eating rice or noodles, the bowl is a good partner to accompany us to taste delicious food every day. Just like a loyal companion, bowls are good partners who silently accompany us through countless eating years. Today, let me recommend a few good-looking bowls, so that everyone can have a texture when eating!

❚ Life is like a bowl, even if it is black and white, it should be full of texture (tears)

【Product recommendation】 JOTO Japanese-style handmade stoneware rice bowl_CJR0449

Life is not always in color, but even if it is black and white, it must be black and white with texture! Here I recommend two black and white color matching bowls for everyone, pick them up and use them on the day when you are particularly depressed, and remind yourself "be beautiful~". The one above is a handmade stoneware rice bowl, available in black or white. The golden dots on the body of the bowl remind us to look for the light in life. There is always light at the end of darkness.

【Product recommendation】 JOTO Japanese-style handmade high-temperature ceramic household rice bowl_CJR0413

This one is relatively simpler, but it has more texture and simple design aesthetics. The two seemingly conflicting colors, black and white, are perfectly blended together through the designer's design. Black and white are distinct but complement each other's beauty. The vertical grain style makes the bowl look more layered, no matter the flat style or the vertical grain style, it is a good partner on the dining table. If you are still thinking about which bowl to buy to show your aesthetic taste, this versatile choice is definitely your best choice!

❚ Textures and petals: the extraordinary artistic persistence can be seen from the simple design

【Product Recommendation】 JOTO Handmade Roman Pattern Simple Soup Bowl _CJR0052

If you want more color options, you can refer to the two simple soup bowls recommended next. In addition to black and white, the handmade simple soup bowl with Roman pattern above has two choices of yellow and purple. I personally like the yellow style the most. The circles of the inner edge of the bowl resemble the rings of Saturn. As if an entire universe can be seen on an ordinary dining table.

【Product recommendation】 JOTO Japanese-style handmade retro petal bowl_CJR0514

"Look at the flowers blooming on the banks of my heart, I'm written in your eyes and wink", this is what I often hum in front of my friends, and give them a lyrics, from Sodagreen's "You Are Written inside My Songs". When you are in a bad mood, listen to light music and imagine that your heart is full of bright flowers, and you will feel better. When I saw this retro petal bowl, I immediately heard this song in my heart. The bright color scheme and the shape of the petals put it on the table as if the table was full of bright flowers, and my mood became brighter.

【Product recommendation】JOTO Japanese-style elegant and versatile creative hand-painted noodle bowl_CJR0012

Finally, if you like petals and flower patterns, you can refer to our creative hand-painted noodle bowl! The petal-shaped vessel looks chic and lovely from above, and the beautiful flowers dotted on the clear white glaze seem to be fluttering in the wind or scattered on the snow-white ground. The design is poetic and makes people love it.

Today I recommend a few bowls that I think look good. If you want to see more, welcome to our official website to buy. You will definitely be able to find a bowl that everyone is satisfied with: https://www.jotomall.com/