Since I wrote the bowl recommendation last time, many regular customers have frantically knocked on the "bowl" to see more recommendations. After many days of screening, I finally helped you carefully select five super beautiful and easy-to-use bowls this time. The price is close to the people, which can be said to be the result of careful selection after multiple comparisons! Still can't find the "destined to eat with friends" matching bowl, please see if there is anything you like below!

❚ A must-see for stoneware lovers, super beautiful high-temperature stoneware bowls with super high CP value!


                                                              【Product Recommendation】 JOTO Retro Handmade Stoneware Serving Bowl_CJR0538

As a stoneware bowl lover, I would like to recommend this CJR0538 stoneware bowl this time! First of all, the high-quality production of handmade and high-temperature kiln won my heart. Next is the bowl edge full of design, which makes the overall shape a little more layered. Finally, there are rich color choices. After being fired in a high-temperature kiln, the rough pottery presents a natural and delicate luster, which is definitely a style that everyone will not put it down. (I especially recommends the beige, brown and dark blue styles, the colors are really amazing, and they look good enough!)

                                                        ❚ Bold design, adventurous kiln change, find the aesthetics of shaking on the edge of danger


                                                              【Product recommendation】JOTO handmade creative ceramic tableware_CJR0537

The next two recommended styles are what I call "shaking aesthetics", which boldly challenge our imagination of dinner bowls, not just monotonous round shapes, but also the shape of petal edges. Not only the monotonous and controllable glaze color, but also a bold declaration of war against the instability of the high-temperature kiln. At the moment when every kiln happens, and at the moment of success or failure, it shows bold and challenging aesthetics (precarious aesthetics). The color of the kiln, or the unique ceramic texture displayed after high-temperature firing, are unique aesthetics obtained in danger.


                                                 【Product Recommendation】 JOTO Japanese Handmade Retro Rice Bowl Soup Bowl_CJR0532

                                                                          ❚ Back to basics, looking for the aesthetics of daily life in simplicity


                                                           【Product Recommendation】JOTO Japanese Handmade Retro Serving Bowl_CJR0510

The above two designs are what I call shaky aesthetics. If you feel that such a bold challenge is too much for the time being, it doesn’t matter! I also helped you find two relatively simple but not monotonous bowls! CJR0510 is painted with a light red glaze to add a little more color to the white bowl. The following celadon bowl can show that JOTO has not forgotten its original intention in the process of innovation and change. The lustrous celadon represents JOTO's deep cultivation of traditional porcelain making techniques. Only by steadying the horse and practicing the basic skills can we go further into the future of ceramics. This celadon rice bowl is the ultimate display of JOTO's "basic skills"!


                                                                     【Product Recommendation】JOTO Japanese Celadon Rice Bowl_CJR0023

I recommended five bowls. I wonder if you have picked your favorite? If you like any one, remember to add it to the shopping cart as soon as possible, and use it immediately when you buy it home! If you haven't found it, it doesn't matter, you can private message the editor and ask the editor to help you find your dream bowl one-on-one! Or keep knocking bowls until the number of people knocking bowls reaches a certain number, the editor will recommend the third round after adding new products! Stay tuned~

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