During the scorching summer, appetite can be scarce, and a refreshing bowl of shaved ice, cool and sweet with brown sugar syrup, brings relief from the heat. In winter, when you crave a hot bowl of soup, you may often find it challenging to find a sufficiently large and beautiful bowl to hold it all. This week, our editor has curated five super practical large soup bowls to accompany you in all seasons.

【Product Recommendation】JOTO Japanese Handmade Spiral-patterned Soup Noodle Bowl_CJR0477


When I was young (and probably even now), I had a big appetite. It was always a hassle during family meals because of the generation seating arrangements. I always wished for a big enough bowl to hold all the dishes at once, so I wouldn't have to keep going back and forth from the living room to the dining room to refill my plate.

【Product Recommendation】JOTO Handmade Roman Pattern Simple Soup Noodle Bowl_CJR0543


Sometimes, when I bring home a bowl of beef noodle soup from outside, I'm always nervous about accidentally spilling too much broth and making the entire table greasy. If only there was a well-designed large soup bowl that could hold a large amount and also look stylish, it would be my first choice.

【Product Recommendation】JOTO Handmade Retro Ceramic Noodle Rice Bowl_CJR0521


As the leading brand in home tableware, JOTO aims to find inspiration in various details of life and brings aesthetics into daily living while ensuring practicality. Therefore, many seemingly stylish soup bowls (like JOTO Handmade Retro Ceramic Noodle Rice Bowl_CJR0521) also prioritize easy cleaning, making them more than just a superficial design.

【Product Recommendation】JOTO Japanese Handmade Retro Rice Soup Bowl_CJR0532


Wouldn't it be great to have a beautiful bowl that caters to the needs of all seasons? After careful selection, our editor found that these soup bowls not only have large capacities but also come in various designs. For those who prefer vibrant colors, the spiral-patterned style might be suitable, or the retro design as shown above. If you prefer simplicity, the classic Roman pattern is also available.

【Product Recommendation】JOTO Japanese Handmade Retro Petal Bowl_CJR0514


The spirit of JOTO is to be there for you at all times, showcasing quality and unique taste in every detail of life. It's not just art; it's the art of living. Drawn from life, our purpose is to immerse back into your daily life.


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