I watched the cartoon, released in 2020, directed by Sato Junichi and Shibayama Zhilong last weekend# want to cry I put on a cat mask. The super cute cats in the film and the male protagonist Hide Kento who wants to become a potter reminds me that JOTO has produced a lot of super cute cat coffee cups! Today, let me help you make a summary, and recommend it to all cat lovers! (But I'm actually a dog pie ㄎㄎ…)


1. JOTO Ink Cat Heat Resistant Glass Cup_CUPR0054

First of all, the first two are the "furry hand-painted ink cat" glasses and coffee cups jointly produced by JOTO and Serbian ink artist Endre Penovác!

There are a total of six styles and two colors of glass cats, a total of 12 choices! The artist's unique insight accurately captures the six poses of the cat, and each pose can directly touch our hearts. The unique brushstrokes describe the furry feeling of the cat just right. If you like cats, you must not miss this cute cat!

This glass is made of high borosilicate heat-resistant material. The double-layer design allows everyone not only to drink with peace of mind, but also not to worry about hot hands!

The blue ink texture can also perfectly highlight the fluffy and cuteness of the cat! Everyone who likes ink and cats can not miss this glass!

2. JOTO hand-painted ink cat resistant ceramic cup CUPR0056

JOTO started out with ceramics, so this collaboration with the artist must also include ceramic coffee cups! There are a total of four styles of ceramic cups, two colors, a total of 8 choices! The whole cause me choice disorder! I really want to own each one!

The ink design on the ceramic cup is more obvious. The light and dark, thick and light, strokes delicately depict the fluffy feeling of the cat. The lazy cat image on the ceramic cup seems to come alive. Even holding it and looking at it makes me feel quite comfortable!

The cooperation cups with Endre Penovác can be combined into a gift box, so that cat lovers who have difficulty in choosing can collect a complete set, encounter different cats every day, and heal the inner world that is lacking due to work! These two ink cat cups are really the first choice for those who like JOTO, cats, and art, and I sincerely recommend them to everyone!

3. JOTO Creative cat high temperature resistant double glass cup CUPR0063

In addition to the cups in collaboration with artists, there are also cat glasses unique to JOTO designers! This glass has two colors, and you can choose a cup with a lid, so that everyone who likes to make tea can enjoy drinks more conveniently!

Out of insistence on quality, JOTO insists on using high-quality borosilicate material, and adopts a double-layer design, so that everyone can use it with peace of mind, not only to drink at ease, but also not to worry about hot hands ~

This glass features multiple original designs of cats that appear to walk when you turn the glass! Let the drink stand for a few minutes, and you will have the opportunity to see the cat staring at the water surface as shown in the picture above. The reflection and the pattern complement each other, isn't it more textured! Buy a glass and try it at home~

It is recommended that you purchase additional filter caps and gift boxes (you can choose from single, double, or four) to make it more convenient for those who like to make tea on weekdays. You can enjoy tea while enjoying the cute cats! If there is a need for gift giving, it is also a very good choice to match it into a gift box! Buy one soon to collect~

4. JOTO small fresh cute cat shape coffee cup_CFR0079

The last one is a ceramic mug with six cute cats! This ceramic mug is painted with six cute cats, and they all have their own unique and cute names. Guess what everyone's name is?

This ceramic mug is made of very good kaolin. JOTO is absolutely not sloppy in material selection, and definitely uses the best materials to make our products!

Let these six cute kittens accompany you to work at work, isn't it quite healing! Recommended to everyone who likes cats, let these six cute cats come into everyone's life!

【Limited Edition】 JOTO hand-painted cat coffee cup_CUPR0492

Finally, we recommend this cute cup pottery hand-painted cat coffee cup_CUPR0492

The three-dimensional cat design allows the lazy cat to lie on the rim of the cup to accompany everyone to work! When you are bored at work, you can touch the cute cat to heal your heart, and take this cute cat home soon~

After reading so many introductions, go to JOTO official website and choose your favorite products!