The classic style continues 🚶‍♀️🚶‍♂️Take a look at JOTO's handmade gold-inlaid Gaiwan GWR0014

Some fans may want to have a classical Chinese style for the tableware at home, and want to have a classic tea set in the cabinet at home.

Occasionally enjoy the classic afternoon tea time in the afternoon, then this handmade gold-inlaid gaiwan is an excellent choice for everyone!

This product can only be painted once a week by a skilled painter. The interlaced sense of space between flowers on the gaiwan and the way of presenting the distance, middle and near are the manifestation of the master's life experience. Coupled with repeated high-temperature firing, it has its uniqueness and collection value.

Produced in the ancient porcelain town of Jingdezhen, Jiangxi Province, China, it is purely handmade, and the high-temperature fine porcelain production process keeps the glaze smooth and moist, and it is not easy to leave tea stains.Therefore, it is most suitable for drinking tea at home! This product just needs to be washed with warm water and a final wipe with a tea towel to bring back the shine!

The beautiful flowers that we can see in our daily life are painted on the porcelain. The gorgeous flowers bloom on the delicate ceramics. In the painting method of traditional Chinese ink art, the flowers are more vivid on the porcelain! The entire porcelain is blooming with beautiful flowers, which makes people feel refreshed.

This product uses gold-inlaid jade technology, that is, tin-inlaid gold work on the surface of jade, ceramics, and glass lamps!

This is a very difficult craft, so it can highlight the professional craftsmanship of JOTO porcelain!

More importantly, each of these flowers is hand-painted by craftsmen, and only one can be drawn every week.

Therefore, each product is a unique product, and it is the pinnacle of Chinese porcelain art!

Hurry up and buy a must-have classic style ink floral ceramic gold-inlaid gaiwan, and buy a gaiwan and a gift box from now on! Suitable for gift giving and personal use~

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