Do you always feel that something is missing when drinking tea and water at home or in the office? Do you also feel that the water stains on the table make people feel "dazzling"?? JOTO Editor selects five super beautiful coasters for you, so that the water droplets that condense on the outside of the cold drink, or the hot tea can be perfectly taken over, and you can see your persistence in taste and texture in the details of life! (The dinner plate has been recommended twice, but it is a pity that the coaster has not been written once! Good things need to be shared with everyone~)


                                                       【Product recommendation】 JOTO Japanese style square ink coaster pot holder_PJR0060

There are mountains and waters, hardness and softness, the first coaster is so gorgeous! This square ink coaster is made of pine wood and resin ink. Even a typical square coaster has layers of material and aesthetic design. It is ingenious. It is my favorite style among the five models this time!


                                               【Recommended Product】JOTO Handmade Shredded Coconut Insulation Pad Coaster_PJR0097

JOTO's spirit of innovation and change, bold attempts and breakthroughs in materials are also a major feature! This coaster is made of shredded coconut. In addition to its beauty and heat insulation function, it also brings the sunshine style of a tropical island. If you like wooden household products but want to seek new ideas and changes, you will definitely love this!


                                                             【Product Recommendation】 JOTO Begonia Flower Glass Walnut Coaster_PJR0089

The recommendations this time are all carefully selected good things, each of which has a very unique aesthetic feeling and design. This glass walnut wood coaster is like the window frame of the old home, as if returning to my childhood when I stared at the water droplets on the window when it was pouring, and slowly left along the window grille, shining a unique light in the cold afternoon.


                                                               【Product Recommendation】 JOTO Handmade Brass Hammer Cup Holder_PJR0017

The material of the fourth coaster is different again! This one is made of copper with hammer patterns on it, it is light and thin and has a special shape. If you are a friend who likes to be unique and show an alternative design taste, maybe you can try this coaster which is very distinctive in terms of material, texture and shape!


                                                  【Product recommendation】 JOTO handmade Japanese stoneware retro tea coaster_PJR0034

The last style is JOTO's classic and specialty – stoneware coasters. Stoneware has always been JOTO's strong point in production. Its rustic feel and stable material characteristics make coasters a little more stable and secure. This coaster is the ultimate display of these characteristics. It does not burn your hands or shake the cup, and uses the most stable temperature to carry every small corner of your life.

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