It's been super hot every day when summer is here, and I really can't think of anything other than "so hot" when I walk on the road.

However! Even in the scorching summer, you still have to live with texture!

As a person with a strong sense of ritual and quality of life, I would like to recommend two accompanying cups to you today, which are both practical and aesthetically pleasing, and are one of your perfect countermeasures against summer heat! Hurry up and buy it!

1. JOTO Handmade glass straw cup with lid_CUPR0557

This cup is one of my super recommended anti-heat accompanying cups! The glass body allows you to have a clear view of the refreshing drink. While feeling the visual cooling, because it is hand-blown with clear high-boron silicon material, the texture of the glass will make you feel like you are wearing a crystal when you go out, sparkle in the sun!

Another great thing is that this series of cups has a black rubber ring that is more convenient to take and carry out, so that you who don’t like the water droplets on the cup wall make the whole cup body slippery and difficult to hold,  you'll be able to grab more consistently. You are the representative of fashion when you walk on the road!

Even if you don't go out, after removing the lid, this cup will immediately become a must-have textured glass at home. Even if you spend a lot of time watching TV at home, or if you want to read a few books indoors, you can still have a pretty home glass, which is very suitable for water and beverages!

Go out halfway through drinking at home? It doesn't matter! There is no need to look for a water bottle to put it in~ Put the lid on, and it will immediately become a high-quality glass tumbler, allowing you to take it on the road and cool off the heat! No one can interrupt your anti-heat countermeasures, you are the most cool fashion master while walking on the road with a drink!

2. JOTO Glass Cup with Lid + Straw_CUPR0502

The second type is a younger, more lively, and more American style~ There are two types of cups in this series, each with a different capacity, so if you just drink water or drinks in the office, you can choose the handle type! When moving short distances, the tumbler with handle is everyone's fashion item!

In addition to the handle type, this series of products also has a straight type with a larger capacity! Do you want to have a younger and lively tumbler? JOTO glass with lid + straw combination is definitely the best combination~

Another advantage of this tumbler is the design of the drinking opening, which can be sealed and dust-proof when closed, and can be drunk directly to the mouth after opening, which is quite friendly and convenient! This summer, let this lively tumbler be your anti-heat countermeasure!

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