How are you doing? Have you gone out for spring and felt the atmosphere of spring blossoms? What gifts are you going to give your significant lover on Valentine's Day? Today, let me accompany you to some super beautiful couple cups~


                                                   【Product recommendation】 JOTO Japanese retro hand-carved coffee cup and saucer_CFR0081

When I woke up in the morning, although I was weak all over, in order not to disturb my sleeping partner, I tiptoed and rolled out of bed in a half-lying and half-stacked manner. A lazy "Morning ~" and the sound of stretching, seem to be the most beautiful morning drama in the morning.


                                                     【Product recommendation】 JOTO Japanese ceramic simple coffee cup and saucer_CFR0101

After the simple to a little imprecise early morning wash, go to the kitchen to start the daily routine of the morning. I haven't eaten breakfast for a long time because I am afraid that there will be too much sugar in the morning, so that I will return to the state of confusion in the morning before I wake up. I use the K3+ grinder to grind a cup of Americano coffee. After the tedious but not difficult process, it is sugar-free and refreshing.


                                                              【Product recommendation】 JOTO Handmade Vintage Stoneware Mug_CFR0105

Take out a pair of cups, which one belongs to which person is clearly distinguished, even the most intimate partner seems to have to guard their own cup. Some cups are shared at home, but this cup must be clearly distinguished. Sometimes I think, maybe this cup is used to wake up people who are overwhelmed by love and lose their subjectivity.


                                                     【Product recommendation】JOTO Handmade Retro Stoneware Coffee Cup Mug_CFR0123

The feeling of "corresponding but different" from serving coffee in two different but set-to-set cups seems to clearly describe what it should be like to a partner. Different cups have corresponding colors and contain different amounts of ice cubes. After waiting for partner to finish grooming, hand over a cup of coffee to partner, and complete the morning waking ceremony together with him (her).


                                                          【Product Recommendation】 JOTO Japanese Handmade Retro Coffee Cup_CFR0115

"I didn't expect to fall in love with Sakamoto Ryuichi so early." In the morning music, I started to chat about some trivial daily life. Every day seems to be different, but nothing new most of the time. Looking at the pair of coffee cups in each other's hands, a warm current surged into my heart. Maybe it is in these mundane and boring daily life that I can still accompany each other to spend the tedious daily life, and the emotion is born in it.

On Valentine's Day, let's buy a pair of cups to commemorate each other's daily trivialities!

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