I don’t know if you feel “It would be nice if my house could grow like this~” every time you go to a certain Swedish home furnishing store. Every time I have free time, I will go to that store to get some inspiration for home decoration, and by the way, I will make impulse purchases to buy some fancy but not useful things. Today, let me share with you some home decoration tips through a few decorations from JOTO, and let the home be full of design through simple decorations!

❚ Coup 1: Place small design ornaments in the porch, open-shelf cabinets, drawers, and shelves to add texture to the space

I believe everyone must have seen this kind of simple small ornaments in various stores. You really want to buy them but you really don’t know how to place them (always need to give a reason for impulsive consumption~) . The editor's room is full of such design trinkets, let me share with you how to put them: If you have a TV cabinet in the living room at home, you can put it on the TV cabinet to increase the cuteness of the living room. If you like to buy decorations too much like me, there is an open display shelf (mine is a layered display shelf nailed to the wall), which can also be placed on the display shelf, but pay attention to the weight of each decoration Balance, otherwise there may be a possibility of dumping. Finally, if you have a bedside table next to your bed, you can put it next to the bedside table or the alarm clock to make your room full of design!

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❚ Coup 2: Decorate with flowers and plants to fill the space with greenery and vitality

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I have talked with you about the article "Potted Plant Landscape in the Industrial Gap: The Coordination and Coexistence of Man and Tree in Imbalanced Environment" written by Teacher Lu Xinyi from the Department of Anthropology, National Taiwan University. After reading this article and various cross-species ethnographic research, I decided to start growing bonsai, and I met a few friends in urban bonsai gardens. During the process of planting potted plants, I deeply felt the magical power between potted people and plants, and also discovered the little secret that plants can fill the space with life. I wonder if friends who grow plants also feel this way?

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The editor here reminds everyone that when buying plants, you can discuss with the boss more, and choose the most suitable small plants according to your living habits and space conditions! For example, as a beginner in planting, the boss recommended me to plant Lime golden kudzu (really a super good species, and full of sense of accomplishment!), and also need to consider everyone's space conditions (indoor or outdoor ? Can it get rain? Is it sunny?). After choosing the plants, you can choose general potted plants or wall-mounted potted plants with a sense of design (more suitable for hanging plants) according to the characteristics of the plants.

❚ Coup 2: Decorate with flowers and plants to fill the space with greenery and vitality

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If you are really worried about your planting skills, I recommend that you also go to the store to buy fake plants (I buy fake plants most often when I go to IK**), and you can have a sense of green space without taking care of it. However, after planting golden kudzu, I deeply feel that the fake plants still lack a little sense of accomplishment and vitality! After reading this article, don’t hesitate to go to the flower shop near your home to buy the flowers and plants that suit you, and join the ranks of symbiosis with plants~

❚ Coup three: Indirect lighting makes the space light source full of layering, yellow light is the source of COZY feeling

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The ability I am most proud of is my ability to decorate a room with different indirect lighting! (My mother is already furious, for every time I bring back all kinds of strange candles or decorative lights) As a professional consumer of decorative lights and scented candles, today I would like to share with you my criteria for choosing decorative lights and scented candles. You are also welcome to exchange ideas with me!

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First of all, when it comes to scented candles, I will buy candles with relatively high unit prices and relatively well-known brands. I bought cheaper scented candles before, but within 10 minutes of lighting them, my head hurt from the fragrance! Therefore, I really recommend that you choose better scented candles (or buy the simplest candles, without fragrances). In addition, I prefer woody scents, which are more durable on the one hand (I've bought floral scented candles before – freesia and English pear flavor, really unbearable), on the other hand, some woody scents can refresh or calm the mind!

For the part of decorative lights, I recommend that you choose yellow indirect lighting. Sometimes only one or two yellow decorative lights are turned on, coupled with the flickering candlelight of scented candles, the whole room is full of texture and cozy atmosphere. When reading a literary novel or listening to music before going to bed, one or two yellow decorative lamps are the best partners for everyone to relax~

Do you have any other space decoration tips? Welcome to private message editor to exchange each other!

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