Every year before Christmas, Christmas songs are played on the streets, and the roadside lights are hung up and lit up again. Every Christmas, I always want to take advantage of this warm festive atmosphere to thank the friends who are willing to stay by my side this year, either by giving gifts directly to express my gratitude, or by exchanging gifts to convey my feelings (Marcel Mauss' gift exchange theory tells us that return gifts are a must!)


                                                              【Product Recommendation】 JOTO Handmade Ceramic Tableware Gift Box Set_TZR0107

The shopping website is full of dazzling choices, all kinds of superfluous "recommended", "must give away", "must buy", I always feel that the context of consumerism behind these advertisements and promotions really makes these words seem particularly meaningless , How many are sincerely recommending? When only the logic of promotion is left in the recommendation, can it still be a recommendation?


                                                               【Product recommendation】JOTO Splash Ink Japanese Sake Set Gift Box_TZR0006

Even so, when the schedule is up, I still have to write something, and seize the opportunity of this businessman's conspiracy to have a carnival together. Happy consumers, happy businesses, happy everyone. However, I still try my best to choose a few products that I really think are very good. Even if I really want to promote, I must sell products with good quality and sincerely worth recommending to everyone. No reason, just a little adherence to the principles of life.


                                                                            【Product recommendation】 JOTO coffee set gift box set_TZR0073

This is why I chose to work in JOTO, because this company still insists on the quality of life or aesthetics. Even if you can find cheaper tableware and utensils all over Taiwan, there are still a group of people who are willing to insist on quality or the sense of design, and take supply and demand risk for high prices, just for the love of pottery.


                                       【Product Recommendation】 JOTO Japanese Retro Hand-Carved Coffee 【Vintage Yellow Gift Box】 CFR0081RZH2

Whenever Christmas is coming, everyone may start to choose gifts to send to friends like me. Although this is still a promotional recommendation, I assure you that I have carefully selected each product, which are really worth buying. Regardless of quality or design, whether you have the habit of drinking coffee or not, the above products are worth buying.


         【Product recommendation】 JOTO creative cat high temperature resistant double glass cup – complete set of black cat cup【gift box】_CUPR0063R3

Finally, even if you don't want to give gifts to friends, don't forget to give gifts to yourself. Maybe I don’t need a whole gift box, but don’t forget to take good care of yourself first, and reward yourself for another year of ups and downs in this unmotivated life. In fact, we are braver than anyone else!

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