"In praise of the color of silence, you become the beautiful you, the beautiful you in people's mouths. Something happens in the corner of the city, but you are golden. We are all golden." These lyrics are from the song "Golden" by the singer Zheng Yi-Nong, which our editor deeply admires. In this generation, being associated with the color gold might seem a bit ostentatious, and expressing a preference for gold might be linked to negative connotations. However, in this silent era, if we can preserve a golden field in our hearts, it will undoubtedly bring occasional splendor to our lives. Let's immerse ourselves in the golden years of JOTO together.


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In urban life, opportunities to see the color gold are rare. Living in high-rise buildings made of concrete, the cement is gray. Traveling on asphalt roads, the asphalt is black. Commuting on various vehicles, cars, motorcycles, buses are all made of metal, with silver-iron hues and various coatings.


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When people ask about your favorite color, some might answer blue, pink, red, indigo, black, or white, but very few may mention gold. Gold might be too dazzling, seemingly contradicting the modesty society expects from us, causing us to forget that such a color exists for us to embrace and choose.


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Gold is like a small joy in life. After being shrouded in life's worries and gloom, we seem to forget the first time we saw the shining, golden light, the awe it brought to our hearts. Beautiful things are thus forgotten, suppressed, and after suppressing for so long, phrases like "silence is golden" emerge, as if all beautiful things cannot be openly praised. The best opinion is to have no opinion at all.


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This is why our editor loves the song "Golden" that praises the color gold and also adores JOTO's gold-plated products, shining bright in the deepest places, just like a faint light flickering at the end of a pitch-black cave or sparkling in the vast, boundless universe amid endless darkness and silence, still emitting golden light. It's like in the dullness of life, there is still hope.


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Even if hope seems faint, life appears dark, always remember that life is like a gold-plated cup. Although the color is deep and it may seem hopeless, if you carefully play with it and admire it from different angles, you can always see the light. In the deepest part of our hearts lies a warm and golden inner world.


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