Drinking tea not only pays attention to the tea set and kung fu, but also depends on the state of mind when drinking tea. The tea has been baptized by wind and rain, and has been produced through many manual processes, so that we can achieve a good cup of tea. Therefore, the exquisite taste must be experienced by tea tasters after careful savoring. 

Drinking tea is a very necessary and worthwhile process, whether it is from the tea-drinking utensils, water temperature, water quality, and the current situation when drinking tea. Today, if you drink tea in an elegant environment with soft music playing, you will find that the aroma of the tea is not only lingering in your mouth, but also leaves you with endless aftertaste. However, if you are in a noisy environment today, then this sip of tea may be just to quench your thirst and have no other effect. People often say that this is probably the case with the theory of drinking tea to nourish the heart.

Today JOTO introduces the Japanese handmade clay teapot (CHR0626), which is 100% handmade by JOTO artists. The design of the body is made of clay at high temperature. The glaze is soft and moist, the handle is delicate, the appearance is elegant, and the body is smooth and noble, moderate size.

The water pouring is like a column, and it is cut off smoothly, strong and powerful. The water beam is round and straight into the bottom of the cup, the water is cut off cleanly and smoothly, decisively and neatly, and stops immediately. Open piece design, intertwined and staggered, like ice sheets.

A small teapot implies endless mysteries and fun of making tea. It is not only one of the indispensable tea utensils when making tea, but also gives beauty and fun to drinking tea.

There are many styles of teapots, and you can choose and buy according to your personal preferences, so it is also a good choice to start your personal life of enjoying tea with a beautiful teapot!

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