Do you like coffee?

The aroma and flavor of coffee always confuses me every morning, especially "freshly ground and freshly brewed", which is definitely the best way to taste mellow coffee. In addition, I am also a person who like coffee every day! Although the coffee in the convenience store is good to drink now, I still want to brew the cup of coffee by myself in the morning when I go to work. Think of it as the first ceremony to start the day's work soul.

So, do you know that every step of drinking coffee, from selecting beans, grinding beans to brewing methods, etc., will affect the flavor of coffee? In order to drink the most charming coffee flavor, It often takes a variety of experiments and collocations to make a perfect cup of coffee that belongs to you!

Today, JOTO will recommend you one of our long-selling hand-cranked bean grinders「JOTO Ghost Knife K5 Hand Grinder」I hope you are more handy in the process of making coffee~

 JOTO Ghost Knife K5 Hand Grinder is all-in-one body,  it is used a whole space aluminum bar, which is cut by precision numerical control CNC. The three-jaw support is accurate in concentricity, which improves the strength. The surface is anodized, so it will not fade after long-term use.

The whole of it is equipped with non-slip and easy-to-grip texture design, and the appearance is simple and full of design sense. Even small hands can easily grasp the lightly ground roasted beans. There are strong magnets at the joints of the rocker on the fuselage to increase the stability of the rocker, and it will not fall even if it is turned upside down. The elongated diamond-shaped rocker design makes grinding beans more labor-saving.

Another trick to make coffee taste good is the structure of the burr. The structure of various burrs will have different effects on the flavor of the coffee, because it can determine the effect of the grinding thickness and uniformity of the coffee beans, plus the requirements of different techniques. The grinding thickness is also different. In fact, the ghost knife K5 hand grinder is actually relatively less error-prone, and the price is also considered affordable. The Ghost Knife K5 hand grinder actually has a relatively low error rate, and the price is also considered affordable. Ghost Knife K5 hand-cranked bean grinder is designed with all-steel burr and "ball" adjuster, which can adjust the thickness by point. Using the damping structure of the steel ball, the fineness of grinding can be precisely fixed at 1-12 grids.

The black walnut handle, adhering to the principle of comfortable use, adopts a full and rounded curve design, allowing the handle and rocker to rotate, making grinding beans smoother and labor-saving.

The biggest feature of this K5 hand grinder is the "enlarged bearing". Because the double bearings fix the center shaft with high concentricity, it makes the torque stronger and more durable. It is suitable for all flavor beans, whether it is light roasted or hard beans, it can be easily used and grind.

In addition to good performance and fine and uniform grinding, the convenience of cleaning of a good grinder is also an important factor for purchase! Grinding coffee beans will produce oil residue. If it is not cleaned for a long time, the oil consumption residue will produce odor and affect the quality of coffee. Therefore, it is very important to clean the grinder. The accumulation of residue powder will greatly affect the taste of coffee. Based on this point, you must choose a easy-clean grinder, so that the grinder is more convenient to clean and maintain!

The price of JOTO Ghost Knife K5 hand-cranked coffee grinder is less than 3,000, plus its good-looking appearance, it is a good choice, and most of the consumers who buy it have good reviews. Compared with coffee novice or general self-use It is a good choice! The key point is the JOTO Ghost Knife K5 hand-cranked bean grinder, which is small and light in appearance, and you can also get a free cleaning air blower when you buy it now, buy now:

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