I often hear a saying: "Drink coffee and talk right and wrong." It means that friends gather to drink coffee, chat, and take out emotional garbage. However, having a cup of coffee in each hand has become the most popular and common way of communication in modern times. Especially in recent years, coffee shops with unique styles and unique decorations have sprung up in every corner, which is more representative of the importance of coffee culture to people.

A good cup of coffee not only requires good beans and a skilled extraction method, the coffee cup is also a crucial supporting role. Oh! Don’t forget that not only the brewed coffee will taste different, but the right cup will also affect your mood! JOTO is going to introduce a coffee cup today, and I hope everyone can find their own exclusive coffee cup together.

JOTO Handmade Simple Ceramic Coffee Cup_CFR0124

1. Handmade: Made of kaolin clay, pure handmade, exquisite materials, bright color, non-factory mass production, each is unique.

2. Various colors: There are various colors and many choices. You can decide the color you want to use every day according to your mood. Each color represents a mood. Let the color speak for your daily mood and find an outlet for your emotions.

3. White inside the cup: let you who like to taste the color of coffee, you can enjoy the amber color of coffee while drinking. It also allows you who like different shades of coffee every day to easily judge the shade of coffee.

4. The mouth of the cup is wide: the mouth of the cup is wide, so that when the coffee enters the mouth, it can directly cover the entire mouth, so that the coffee can better touch the broad taste buds and let the tongue feel the more complete flavor of the coffee.

5. Beautiful and practical, easy to clean: The last and most important point is easy cleaning. I believe that if you often use mugs or thermoses, the most common thing is that coffee or tea stains accumulate on the rim of the cup or the bottom of the cup is not clean, JOTO handmade simple ceramic coffee cup, the inner wall of the cup is made of porcelain, white porcelain fired at high temperature, the porcelain is fine, so it is easy to clean, and it is not easy to leave smell.

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