The footsteps of summer are gradually approaching, and it is time to leave the air-conditioned room and unconsciously say "it's so hot"! In addition to remembering to wear sunscreen, drinking plenty of water is the best countermeasure against heatstroke! Let me recommend some super hot products for you today, so that everyone will feel extra refreshed every time you drink water this summer. It is not only the taste of the body, but also a visual summer feast!

【Product recommendation】 JOTO simple double-layer colored glass_CUPR0561

The first one is the best display of JOTO's glass craftsmanship. The double-layer glass can not only enjoy the pleasure of drinking a large amount of water in summer, but even if you suddenly want to drink something hot, the high-temperature-resistant double-layer glass can also meet your needs! In addition, the design of stained glass makes the vision more rich and layered. I personally like the two dark styles the most. Even if it is a glass, you have to show your outstanding taste~

【Product Recommendation】 JOTO Handmade Glass Straw Cup with Lid_CUPR0557

Next is the hot sale in summer, and it is definitely the handmade glass straw that is on the list. Everyone knows that global warming is getting worse, and the earth is facing the crisis of extreme climate. Even if you want to go to the hand-cranked vendor on the roadside to buy a cold cup in summer, don’t forget to bring your own eco-cup! This glass straw cup with lid is your best partner this summer~

【Product recommendation】 JOTO Japanese-style handmade creative hammer pattern glass water cup_CUPR0564

Think minimalist design is too monotonous? This hammer glass is definitely your best choice, just the right capacity is very suitable for drinking water and drinks at home (beer is even more versatile), the touch of the hammer gives you a special experience in the sense of touch, the cold water droplets of the drink condense outside, echoing the hammer pattern, it is definitely a visual and taste two enjoyment! Just look at it to cool off the heat!

【Product recommendation】 JOTO original design high temperature resistant double-layer glass cup CUPR0062

The last thing is suitable for both winter and summer, whether it is a cup of pearl milk tea or a beer, the double-glazed glass is suitable for cold or hot. Different from the first one, friends who feel that the colored glass is not enough to look at, hurry up and have a look at this #High Temperature Resisting Double Glass Cup, which has ten different styles of glass! There is definitely one that can attract you~


Finally, I would like to remind everyone to "drink plenty of water" to avoid heatstroke, even in an air-conditioned room~

Come and choose a cup you like to take home, let this summer cool off and be fashionable!


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