Because I used to do research in a temple in the country, and I saw people in the temple bustling in and out every day, using the lunar calendar to count down the days until the end of the new year. Let me recommend a few carefully selected plates for you in this small rural village full of incense and Chinese New Year atmosphere, so that you can have a reference when you remove the old and renewing the new during the Chinese New Year.


                                              【Product recommendation】 JOTO handmade blue and white glaze with red cherry flower plate_CJR0014

I have never cared about the Lunar New Year except for the holidays before. This time, because I was doing research in a very traditional small village, I couldn't help but pay attention to the various rituals that happened around me when I lived with the residents. I believe that everyone should be in a similar mood now. Now it is a matter of sorting out the last things of the year. Maybe you will not pay special attention to it, but the long vacation itself will make people start to prepare early because of a certain time break, sort out the staged things, and after the long vacation, regroup and start again.


                                        【Product Recommendation】 JOTO Stoneware Flat Angle Dinner Plate Arrangement Plate Round plate CJR0358

After careful study, I discovered that the etiquettes of the traditional folk beliefs of the Han people are complicated, but they are actually full of meaning and order. For example, the ceremonies of sending off the gods and welcoming the gods are actually to bring the gods back to heaven for reunion. Sacred things and secular things are actually in contrast to each other. When you think "Greek Mythology" is very interesting, if you look at the folk beliefs of the Han people, you will find that the stories of humans and gods are not inferior.


                                                        【Product recommendation】 JOTO handmade vintage petal round dinner plate_CJR0365

There are various books such as "Organizing Life" that were very popular a while ago, but I think the concept of "removing the old and bringing forth the new" is indeed quite practical. The replacement of simple daily necessities is not just a material update. Every "new tableware" that reflects your current mood and life stage will also reveal your personality and the life you hope for at the moment. Getting rid of the old and bringing in the new is not just a material change, but an arrangement of life.


                                                          【Product recommendation】JOTO Japanese handmade ceramic dinner plate_CJR0480

Before removing the old and renewing the new, everyone has to think about which things are too old and need to be updated. This first review actually also reflects the things you "still cherish" this year. It reflects your organization of the past, which is a year's precipitation. As a result, according to the results of this year, when we choose new things, we actually reflect "what I want my life to be now, and what to have." Removing the old and building the new is not a boring purchase in a religious ceremony, but the change of phases of life.


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Finally, the editor, I hope that everyone will have a smooth journey and make a fortune in the new year. If you feel a little curious, you might as well walk into the temple to see what everyone is usually busy with, and the meaning and function of the ceremony and so on. JOTO hopes to go deep into the hearts of every consumer through the tableware of daily life.

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Happy New Year, I shake hands with everyone

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