I wonder if everyone has moments of healing in their daily lives? For me, one truly healing scene in everyday life is when I pour milk into coffee or tea. Watching the interplay of white and deep brown liquids, swirling, blending, and finally merging into a uniform color—it's a therapeutic process. Luckily, we have the marbled texture technique in pottery, turning this fleeting beauty into an eternal part of our daily lives.

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Marbled texture, also known as agateware or mud-mixing porcelain, is one of the traditional ceramic techniques in China. As a decorative technique, marbled texture involves layering, twisting, cutting, assembling, squeezing, and swirling two-colored clay pieces to create a pattern with a mixture of flowers, interwoven silk, concentric circles, and an interplay of light and dark.

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The beauty of marbled texture lies in capturing a very dynamic process in a moment—it's chaotic yet peaceful, different yet the same. Within a certain range, different colors collide, a force intertwines everyone, and dark and light shades interact to some extent, each maintaining its unique characteristics.

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It's about being one but not losing individual colors. Rather than presenting a harmonious outcome, the focus is on highlighting the conflicts and struggles within. It's a force that twists us, different individuals, into one image. While retaining our distinctive features, we become a whole. Similar beauty might be the ink dropping into water, or the rings of a tree.

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The beauty of marbled texture lies in not emphasizing sameness but finding ways to bloom together despite differences. Like this island, where we have different cultures. The reason we are one is because, like marbled texture, we recognize each other's colors and believe in our ability to create a beautiful scene together.

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May this island always be in the process of marbled texture—dynamic, fate-interwoven, both diverse and one. The most beautiful moment is this moment, though different and diverse, because of the intertwined destiny, completing each other to form the most beautiful scenery.

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