Recently, I have traveled to many places in Taiwan. From Lanyu, Taitung, Yilan, and Tainan, which is known as the gourmet capital, I have entered the food culture of many places and seen many beautiful tableware and utensils. Today, let the editor recommend to you a super high CP value food utensil "JOTO Retro Handmade Stoneware Noodle Bowl_CJR0533" that you absolutely deserve to have!

There are several reasons why this noodle bowl is recommended. First of all, "bowl" is one of the daily necessities that everyone should have. Therefore, our requirements for "bowl" must not be lowered, and we should have a texture bowl that is exclusive to us. And the bowl will definitely make you feel inexplicable enjoyment every time you eat.

The capacity of this serving bowl is very large, even for noodle soup, it is more than enough! The price of such a thick and textured bowl is so affordable and has a high CP value. This price-performance ratio is unmatched!

As always, this bowl is handmade by professional potters in Jingdezhen, Jiangxi, China. Through high-temperature kiln firing technology (if you don’t know what the difficulty is, you can read our previous article!), to enrich the change of glaze color. Each bowl is not only a display of the master's craftsmanship, but also a ceramic work. Handmade, high-temperature technology, textured design and super large capacity, it is really worth the price and quality, who can resist this price-performance ratio!

In addition to the large capacity (Accidentally stated the fact that I usually eat a lot), what I like the most is JOTO's excellent rough pottery. The visual antique texture and rustic touch of rough pottery make every owner literally "can't put it down". Using this ultra-high CP value rough pottery bowl to hold your favorite food is the perfect interpretation of comforting a boring life .

There are a total of five colors of this bowl, including vintage green, mustard green, glazed red, kiln cast iron red and white, there will definitely be one that you love so much! Quickly buy a super high CP value bowl to embellish your perfect home life. If you can, I also recommend you to give it to your close friends, and share with him the warmth and simplicity of this professional pottery and handmade pottery!

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