Last week, in response to the Mid-Autumn Festival gift-giving schedule, I compiled a super gift box recommendation for everyone. This week I plan to continue last week’s gift-giving recommendation, because I still want to strongly recommend this one JOTO handmade ceramic tableware gift box set_TZR0107, the four styles of ceramic tableware are carefully selected works of art, each of which is eye-catching!


1. Style 1: visual rhapsody with dark brown and gold

First up is this metallic cutlery set in black and brown! Each tableware combination includes spoons, chopstick rests, chopsticks, saucers, shallow bowls, shallow plates, deep plates,

The All in one combination set includes all the tableware used for a meal!

The design of dark brown gold is bold in color, which makes the tableware exude charming and conflicting calm and elegant black and shiny metallic luster. One black and one gold, let diners enter the multiverse of fantasy. In addition to the taste shock of the food itself, it is a blast in vision and consciousness!

2. Style 2: simple white and rice-like spike waves, weaving together into a fantasy of land and sea

Next is the white style. If you look closely, you can find that this set of tableware is by no means a simple white color. The color of the rice grains is rendered on the body and edges of the tableware.
Let the white pottery not look monotonous, but with a touch of rice fragrance.

From this angle, we can even find that it seems to be white but not white, as if there is a ring of ear shells dotted around. In these grainy textures, we seem to see brown spots symbolizing the land and calm white waves symbolizing the ocean. The junction of the land and the sea is a beautiful Tanyin fantasia.

3. Style 3: Collision and fusion of multiple colors, opening up multiple universes in the mind

The next third item is simply an aesthetic crit of avant-garde art. In this tableware combination, we can see the cool aesthetic feeling formed by the collision and impact of various colors. The seemingly conflicting but integrated color scheme becomes the most surprising wild monster on the dining table.

From different angles, we seem to see the mountains and the sea. After the integration of these elements, it seems that we can re-imagine the future of an island. On the dining table, this set of tableware gift boxes will definitely become the most eye-catching existence, bold and wild but not presumptuous , conflicting aesthetics that can be seen from different angles.

4. Style 4: Clear and translucent, it becomes the ocean concerto after returning to the basics

Compared with the first and fourth styles, the last style reminds me of a clear ocean, a calm and clear back to nature, like a re-clear ocean, a gentle concerto.

I don’t know if everyone is the same as me. Seeing this tableware set is like seeing a piece of beautiful jade, a rare and beautiful jade with blue and white luster. Although it seems simple, we can find the interest in the translucent color when we look closely at its texture. Although the color seems simple, it is neither blue nor white, which is the most unique and indescribable beauty and touch.

I hope that through the introduction of the editor, everyone can have a better understanding of the artistry behind JOTO's products. This is why the editor likes JOTO. After staring at the product for a while, it seems that you can see a story!

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