A monotonous life always needs a little colorful embellishment. Today I will help you carefully select two super dreamy mugs. The candy color and macaron color are most suitable for you who have a sweet girly heart! Come and take a look!

1. JOTO Japanese handmade candy color ceramic mug_CUPR0538

The first one is this Japanese-style handmade candy-colored ceramic mug. The designer carefully prepared nine candy-colored mugs.

Let everyone who likes the fantasy candy color system can choose the color they like! Isn't it super Buddhist~

The handcrafted section design not only makes it easier for everyone to hold, but you can also see the heart of the potter and JOTO's insistence on quality from this section.
Candy glaze is applied to each cut side, absolutely no sloppy!

And more importantly! This coffee mug accepts everyone's customization~whether it is a company gift or a souvenir for an event.

This mug is an excellent choice for everyone ~ good-looking, unconventional, keep up with the trend and must not be missed!

As a fan of JOTO, the most satisfying point is its large capacity! Whether it is drinking water at home or a beverage mug used in a restaurant, it is a very practical and good thing!

There are a variety of colors to choose from, as well as a very large capacity, and it is even open for customization. The CP value of this mug is simply too high, you must not miss it!

2. JOTO Handmade Macaron Ceramic Coffee Cup_CFR0102

What! You said what if you want a super super hot drink! (Then you can blow it and drink it) (Just kidding 🤗)

Then you can not miss this macaron-colored mug with a handle ~ it is really amazing, this mug has eight colors! Isn't it very exciting~

This dreamy macaron-colored mug has a very thoughtful handle design, so that everyone will not be too hot whether they want a cup of hot tea or a cup of warm milk before going to bed!

Similarly, this mug is also open for customization! If you don't like the cup just now, then this mug is definitely the best choice!

A business with such a Buddhist heart like JOTO, you snooze,you lose!

Come and choose your favorite dream color single product! A variety of colors, you can also freely choose the cut surface design or the handle design, isn’t it super awesome~

【Recommendation in the same field】The most popular Japanese mug with wooden handle _CUPR0527

Because I like it so much, I can’t help but recommend this super awesome mug. I will give you a reference here first. If you think the handle is too small and difficult to hold, then this wooden handle mug will definitely hit your heart!

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If you want to see more details, please go to the official website 👉https://www.jotomall.com/