Regarding the Mid-Autumn Festival gift-giving, now there is a new focus on health. Mooncakes are no longer an option for gift giving. Do you not know what to give as a souvenir when you return home or give gifts? Let the editor of JOTO help you sort out several high-end gift boxes of JOTO, so that you can give gifts during the Mid-Autumn Festival without trouble. The gift has texture and can be sent to the heart, and it also makes you look good when giving a gift!

1. JOTO Tableware Gift Box Set TZR0072

There are a total of nine styles in this cutlery gift box! From the blue-white celadon glaze to this fat white glaze, there are a total of nine options for you to choose from. The green glaze style has a light blue color in the pure white, and it will show different colors when viewed from a distance, which is quite beautiful. The fat white glaze style is simple and white, crystal clear like fat, and it is also a good choice!

The above one is the exquisite fish style, and the special empty basket design will definitely be your first choice for gift giving.
The exquisite fish swimming around the bowl looks quite comfortable.

In addition to the exquisite fish style, there is also a cherry blossom style. Looking at the shining white cherry blossoms, it really has a special flavor.

The gold-inlaid crane styles introduced before are also among the nine styles. The delicate hand-painted craftsmanship makes the soaring cranes look comfortable!

If you prefer a simpler style, we also have a plain white porcelain style. The clear white porcelain is shiny from time to time, simple but elegant.

It can be said that the difference between the above two models is the word “囍”. The style with the word “囍” is suitable for wedding gifts, and the style without the word “囍” is also elegant and beautiful.
The red glaze ring at the bottom of the bowl adds some color and charm to the white porcelain.

The last ninth style is my personal favorite style. The simple blue and white glaze color is dotted with the rim of the bowl.
Retro but unique styles are definitely the first choice for Mid-Autumn Festival gifts!

2. JOTO tableware gift box set_TZR0100

Next, the bowl edge of this white stoneware design is also highly recommended! The textured rough ceramic feel makes the texture of the whole bowl even better!

3. JOTO tableware gift box set_TZR0099

The next one is also designed with a rough pottery bowl rim, and the texture of holding the bowl makes eating a pleasure!

4. JOTO tableware gift box set_TZR0096

This cutlery gift box comes in two colors in total! Simple white and color-changing kiln, I highly recommend the color-changing bowls of the kiln, making eating a moment of tasting art!

5. JOTO Japanese-style handmade tea set gift box set _TZR0102

In addition to bowls, JOTO also has tea set gift boxes! The design of the male cup with a special shape, plus seven other tea sets, a total of 8-in-1 set combination, there are a total of 4 colors, why not visiting the website to buy soon~

6. JOTO Ghost Knife K5 Hand Grinder Gift Box_QTR0083

As JOTO's popular product "Hand Grinder", of course, there are also gift box sets,
Friends who like to taste coffee can not miss the gift package of this grinder and various coffee utensils!

Don't know what coffee lovers like? JOTO selects all kinds of coffee utensils, so that friends who like coffee can "have them all!".

7. JOTO coffee set gift box set_TZR0073

If you feel that hand-cranked coffee is troublesome and you only want coffee utensils, you can refer to JOTO TZR0073!

There are many choices inside, from pour over coffee utensils to various coffee cups and water glasses, it is definitely a good partner for everyone to give as a gift or for personal use!

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