We all remember that I am a lover of ornamental plants. On the balcony where the sunlight touches, I have a pot of ornamental plants. Sometimes, I bring the pot indoors as decoration, and other times, I move it to the balcony to bask in the sun. Today, let's talk about bonsai once again!

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Taking care of a bonsai is akin to taking care of a part of one's own life. Bonsai grows with me, sharing joys and sorrows. When I neglect a bonsai, it often reflects my neglect of myself. Bonsai is not just a reflection of my life; it is also a blurred boundary between the human and non-human, nurturing and growing together in the corners of the city.



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In contemporary ontology, the discussion about the relationship between humans and non-humans has shifted. The academic disciplines studying "humanity" have started to realize that the boundaries of "humanity" have gradually blurred. On a societal level, we recognized our interdependence with all things long ago. Recent accumulations in natural science research have revealed that on a smaller scale, we continue to exchange with the world in myriad ways.

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Humans don't just rely on each other; our dependence on material objects has reached a new level. When we talk about "humanity," the drugs for chronic patients, heart stents, bone nails, and other "objects" have become indispensable parts constituting our current existence.


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Our relationship with animals has long been documented. I recommend an ethnography titled "Wild Dog Dreaming: Love and Extinction," which explores the relationship between Australian Aboriginals and hunting dogs. This helps us reflect on the very close relationship between humans and other animals. Consequently, we need to rethink our relationship with the world and consider how to treat this Earth that humanity has already disrupted.



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As living beings, we must abandon anthropocentrism and embrace a broader perspective that encompasses more animals, plants, and even minerals (I've recently been reading "The Book of Unconformities: Speculations on Lost Time" by Hugh Raffles, exploring the boundaries between humans and non-humans). Only then can our lives continue, and the world of all things can sustain itself.




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