It all comes from the prelude bell of Matzka's "Wow Wow". The spiritual crisp sound makes me want to know more about this land of growth and this beautiful island. So I saved some money, packed my bags, and took my favorite JOTO grinder (you can enjoy the aroma of coffee wherever you go) and JOTO cups, and embarked on a wandering journey. Rather than wandering, it is better to let myself aimlessly follow the sound of music and waves, to re-find my position on this island, and re-discover the position of this island in the world.

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It was already afternoon when the train arrived in Taitung, and it was getting dark after putting away the luggage. I went to the seaside park in Taitung and looked at the other side of the ocean. The distant places are said to be Green Island and Orchid Island. The islands are connected by the limits of constitutional interpretation. As Epeli Hau’ofa said, the ocean is not a barrier for the islanders, but a connection. Among the islands is a deep ocean, where beliefs and myths are the starting point of all hope.

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Looking at the ocean, I used the JOTO coffee cup I brought from Taipei with my friends, filled with hand-brewed coffee, just blowing the wind, imagining the journey of tomorrow. I am too far away from the familiar city, and I can only continue my journey through the familiar glass, which symbolizes the life I used to live in the past and represents the hope of my family. On the last night before leaving Taiwan’s main island, I went to Tiehua Village to listen to music, and filled the same glass with cool beer. This cozy feeling seemed a little different from that in Taipei.

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The most beautiful place of this island is given to Orchid Island, and I still believe so deeply. The clearest ocean I have ever seen is a beautiful gem light that cannot be told whether it is blue or green. It is a promise that is unfathomable but deeply attracts your attention. Looking at the ocean, I thought that tens of thousands of years ago, islanders had been traveling between the oceans and establishing relationships with other groups. Since a long time ago, the ocean has surrounded our lives.

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The six tribes of Lanyu have very charming bars, and each bar plays different types of songs. Under the collision of wine glass and wine glass, glass and glass, relationship and relationship, we enjoy the midsummer time and ride together to enjoy the hot wind blowing in the bike, the sun is shining brightly, and finally went to Dongqing Bay to wait for the sun to disappear from the ridgeline of the hills, and start another round of relationship building.

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Because of the bright sun in Lanyu, there are pavilions on the roadside for people to rest. My friends and I spent several mornings or afternoons when we couldn’t stand the scorching sun in the pavilions. In the gazebo, tourists from all over the world exchange stories with each other, and get to know each other because they enjoy this time together. The glass they are knocking on is exactly the glass I brought down from Taipei. Use old cups to hold new feelings.

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It was the first time to feel the foamy breaking waves rushing past the feet, the first time to see the Milky Way with the naked eye, the first time to see the stars in the sky, the first time to ride a bicycle from the Coconut Oil Tribe to the Lang Island Tribe through a line of sky, we can see the rushing ocean among the reefs. It was the first time I jumped off the reef by the sea, and I felt the beating of my heart as if it was pulsating with the ocean and the life of the island. This was my encounter with this beautiful island last summer. This summer, I am also ready to take the JOTO glass from Taipei, and I am ready to follow the call of the ocean to hold new social relationships.


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