"Where there is a high moon in the center of the town, there are good people in the village." An Pu described the bright moon in his childhood and the acquaintances of chickens and dogs in the village in "Grandma Bridge". In the song "Golden Yellow", Zheng Yinong described that people praised the color of silence, but you are golden yellow. How long has it been since we haven't properly recaptured the good moments in our lives? And praise the giving and meeting of life? Today, let me talk about those beautiful moments in life while taking everyone shopping for good things.


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"Our generation/It's a habit to be misanthropic/Maybe this world/There's nothing to look forward to/But that has nothing to do with me/I'm a flying idiot/Life should be a carnival" the Chairs' "Rolin' On" tells that this generation's world-weary view of the world seems to have become a habit. But first, don't forget that life can be a carnival, it could have been a carnival, it might be a carnival.


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One afternoon, I was rereading Ocean Voung's "In this life, you and I are short and bright" sipping a freshly brewed Americano and sitting in an armchair by the window. Play your favorite soft music on the stereo, and immerse yourself in a wonderful holiday afternoon. This kind of life seems to have been slowly forgotten after the work has become more busy.


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In order to fight against the laziness of getting up in the morning, I will make a cup of coffee for my partner when I get up in the morning, so that I can drink coffee and have breakfast together when he wakes up. A simple sentence "Thank you, it's great to have you." I found that I still have the ability to love and give for the person I love deeply. These life fragments seem to be forgotten in the mediocre city life , but thinking of that sleepy satisfied smiling face, life seems to be more valuable.


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During the hot off-duty time in summer, my partner suddenly suggested "Or come to eat roasted meat with beer tonight?", so I decided to leave work early to go to the market to buy ingredients, and hold a small roasted meat party with simple equipment at home. This kind of joyful feeling of doing whatever you want can satisfy those simple little greedy thoughts in life, and I feel very happy instantly. Life doesn't necessarily have to pursue the unlimited accumulation of wealth, it's good to be able to satisfy the simple enjoyment of daily life.


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Know that you still have the ability to be happy, know that you still have the ability to love others, and know that you still have the ability to be content. These things are one of the ways to discover the small happiness of life. Do you have any other experiences you can share with me? Welcome loyal old customers to exchange stories for discounts!

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