As the weather gradually transitions from hot to cool, the restlessness within the heart seems unyielding. We find ourselves in the final months of the year, deadlines looming from research projects, scholarships, journal submissions, and the chaos of daily life haunting our minds even as we attempt to sleep. Every night, the cacophony in our minds makes it increasingly difficult to find solace. Today, as we explore some exquisite tea accessories, let's collectively seek peace of mind.


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Due to the pressures of deadlines from research projects, scholarships, and journal submissions, I, the writer, have found sleep elusive. Even with closed eyes, my mind refuses to rest, tossing and turning, causing immense distress.


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Eventually, I found tranquility by dedicating half an hour each night to transcribing the "Heart Sutra." It's important to note that it's not the content of the sutra that aids sleep, but the act of transcription itself that calms the mind, at least for me.


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Friends with different beliefs might find peace in transcribing other texts. I suggest selecting documents that can be slowly transcribed within 20-30 minutes. This practice not only discourages late-night phone use, reducing the impact of screen light on melatonin production but also doesn't create an overwhelming burden, making it easier to develop the habit.


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Another method is meditation, shifting your focus from troubling thoughts to the rhythm of your breath. Notice the cool air as you inhale through your nostrils, feel it enter your body, and sense it leave your body as you exhale. These subtle bodily sensations divert your attention, aiding sleep.


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Lastly, arranging your room in a way that induces relaxation can help. Block out all light, or use warm-toned indirect lighting to create a cozy ambiance. Avoid activities in bed that require mental or physical exertion. Strengthen the association between your bed and sleep. Of course, specific methods for improving sleep vary from person to person. If you experience sleep difficulties, it's crucial to consult a mental health professional to enhance your daily sleep quality, achieving complete bodily restoration.


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