There is an old saying: "Hold the moxa flag in your hand to attract all kinds of blessings, and hang a cattail sword on the door to kill thousands of evils." Hanging mugwort and calamus at the door on the Dragon Boat Festival is like pasting a magic talisman, which can benefit and avoid harm. Today I specially selected a few home decorations, most of which are flower containers that can be hung on the wall or potted plants that hold foliage plants. Even if you follow the ancient rituals and hang wormwood and calamus on the door, you can still give the ancient rituals a new sense of beauty through modern and simple vases!

【Product Recommendation】JOTO Modern Minimalist Flower Arrangement Pendant_DER0012


JOTO modern minimalist flower arrangement pendant DER0012 is a very powerful pendant. Although it is ceramic, it can have a metal texture. Hanging at the door of the house can show different colors with different light. You can see different beauty when you look at it at different times.

【Product Recommendation】JOTO Original Porcelain Clay Wall Decoration Pendant DER0038


Although the pendant above is not suitable for hanging calamus and wormwood, it is the best destination for foliage plants in daily life! Recently, many friends have become obsessed with succulents and foliage plants. They hang them in corners where the sunlight cannot be directly exposed to embellish the atmosphere of the room and enhance the style of the room!

【Recommended Product】JOTO Japanese Flower Vase Pendant_DER0011


The next one is very suitable for friends who like flower arrangements (you can also insert wormwood and calamus as a gatekeeper according to the season), the slender metal tubular color makes the overall vision full of simple but spiritual beauty , very suitable for flower arrangements or long-shaped foliage plants!

【Recommended Product】JOTO Creative Flower Vase_DER0023


Then intersperse with a vase suitable for other foliage plants. I bought this creative vase DER002 myself, which contains dried flowers purchased from a flower shop. Because it does not need watering and is easy to preserve, it is basically the best choice for home decoration. If you want to add a little plant flavor to the room, you may wish to start with dried flowers and creative flower vases DER0023~

【Product Recommendation】 JOTO Handmade Hanging Rope Flower Vase_ DER0034


JOTO has always hoped to find the possibility of contemporary translation from the spirit of the ancients, so it has devoted itself to design and development, hoping that even if the details of the ceremony have been forgotten, the spirit of the festival can be preserved by integrating into contemporary life.

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