Since the early Song Dynasty, Confucianism and literary culture have thrived. Scholars of that time, besides political pursuits, focused on their independent study lives, meticulously handling their dining, attire, garden spaces, and study rooms. Activities like playing the zither, burning incense, drinking tea, playing chess, admiring flowers, composing poetry, and painting became their primary pastimes. The configuration of study rooms gradually evolved among scholars, especially the pursuit of aesthetic beauty in objects, aiming to create an atmosphere of refinement and tranquility, inspiring thoughts and creativity. The study room became a place to embody their ideals and even self-exile. Let's chat about study rooms while strolling through the streets today!

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I wonder what comes to mind when thinking of a study. In this era of prevalent smartphones, do many still have a dedicated study at home? Perhaps a bookshelf too? Despite soaring housing prices or limited space, I sincerely hope everyone won't give up on reading.

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I've always dreamt of having my own study, complete with an entire wall of bookshelves filled with my favorite books. Every afternoon, stepping into the room with wooden floors, selecting a book suited for that day—maybe a scholarly text or a literary work.

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Just like Belle's study in "Beauty and the Beast," an entire wall of books, filled with enchantment. Even if we can't live a life filled with magical surprises like Belle, as long as we immerse ourselves in the sea of books, life seems to hold various kinds of magic.

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Carefully arranging a study is a key step in cultivating a reading habit. Set aside a corner with books and a chair, maybe some music, maybe not, but excellent natural light and a reading lamp are essential. These home arrangements create a comfortable reading space, fostering reading habits.

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Whether your study leans toward Japanese, Chinese, or American styles, creating a comfortable and conducive space for reading is crucial to further developing reading habits. Only then can our minds remain enriched.

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