This week, JOTO recommends a "tea set supporting role" that is often not the focus of attention when introducing various important tea sets. In order to let everyone understand the tea art culture better, on the other hand, I hope to show JOTO's attention to the details of tea art. Whether it is the details of making tea or the details of workmanship, JOTO will definitely produce the quality that satisfies you! Let me help you sort out several good-looking and practical pot holders, and let the beautiful tea set supporting role make you the protagonist when making tea!

▌Beautiful basic model: round dry tea table, make a difference in material!


                                               【Product Recommendation】JOTO Ru Kiln Style Handmade Tea Pot Bearing and Tea Tray_HPR0005

The two tea trays above and below are recommended for friends who usually use the dry brewing method to make tea (friends who don’t know what it is can think about whether you will make the whole tea tray wet when you usually make tea?). The above one is fired in Ru kiln and made by hand-drawing by craftsmen. The shape and function of the whole plate will be much worse if it is slightly skewed. It can be seen how superb technology is required to complete such a one-piece pottery!


                                           【Product recommendation】 JOTO Japanese handmade grass and wood gray glaze pot holder_HPR0045

The biggest feature of the second model is the use of grass and wood gray glaze, which allows the light and simple tea tray to display multiple layers, showing the beauty of simplicity without being too monotonous. In addition, this pot holder can also be used as a general shallow plate. If you want to buy a pot holder but are afraid that the entry threshold is too high, and you are afraid that you will not use it, this is your best partner!


                                                        【Product Recommendation】 JOTO Versatile Black Glaze Dry Brewing Tea Tray_HPR0020

If you have a strong sense of color contrast in the tea sets at home, or friends who like to use darker tea sets, you can refer to the tea tray above! The versatile black glaze style is strong but not too eye-catching, and the light and elegant shape is very suitable for you who like simple style!

▌If it is wet, it needs water! Regardless of round or square shape, it is beautiful!


                                                                 【Product Recommendation】JOTO Japanese Zen Square Tea Tray_HPR0013

If the dry humidity of everyone’s tea making is in the middle, you can also consider this square pot holder with a hollow design! The biggest feature of this model is the gold-plated material and the square design with obvious lines and strong style. It looks noble and generous, and the gold-plated fine clay glows brightly from time to time under different lights, just like you who are deeply hidden and introverted, and you can only glimpse the shining connotation when you look closely!


                                                  【Product Recommendation】 JOTO Handmade Creative Ceramic Pot Holder Jianshui_HPR0047

The super water brewing method also requires a super water tea set. This ceramic Jianshui adopts a two-piece design to facilitate the discharge of waste water. The hand-drawn water storage tank is full of design sense on the outside, and the inside is smooth and easy to clean, taking into account the beauty and practicality! The design of the drainage hole is also quite aesthetic, whether it is big or small, or the image of a copper coin or a blooming flower, even the wet soaking method can instantly become watery!

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