The weather is gradually getting hotter, sometimes it will rain for several days in a row, and sometimes it will be so hot that we are even looking for the shade of the big trees when we are walking on the road. The most feared thing in the sweltering weather is heat stroke. Before the hot summer comes, I hastened to help you sort out a few home cold water bottles, so that everyone can be beautiful when replenishing water~ By the way, April 22nd is Earth Day, let's protect the earth, protect the environment, and fight against global warming and extreme weather together! (Otherwise I'm going to die of heat)


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Waking up by the familiar sound of the alarm clock in the morning, I opened my eyes but couldn’t keep up with my spirit immediately. I dragged my lazy body to get up, opened the curtains so that the scenery outside the window could be reflected in the room, whether it was sunny or rainy, we need to say good morning to the world every day.


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In order to let my body get up quickly, I dragged my lazy body to the dining table and poured a glass of water for myself and my partner. Two lazy souls with disheveled hair, one hand holding a water glass and the other on their waist, said "good morning" to each other for the first time.


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The first thing I do when I arrive at the office is to approach the pantry, pour myself a glass of water, and kick off the gentlest prelude to my day's hard work. After staring at the computer screen and typing on the keyboard for several hours, don't forget to pour yourself a glass of water and say "Thank you" to your colleagues in the tea room.


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Back home, pour dinner into a textured plate, sit and eat with your partner, wooden table and chairs, and two souls who have been busy all day. After eating a full meal, we made an appointment to watch a movie together. After pouring each other a glass of water, we nestled on the sofa together, watching the movie that had been going on for a long time. Don't forget to say "thank you" to each other.


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After brushing teeth before going to bed, my partner has already gone to bed and read a book. Finally, pour a glass of water for each other, and after a simple kiss, this is the end of an ordinary day. A "good night.", a few glasses of water, daily life goes by day after day, but I can always feel warm in my heart.

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