I wrote an article of plate recommendation before, and the feedback was very good, and fans knocked on the bowl for a sequel! Isn’t it here? I have carefully selected five dinner plates of different shapes this time, which are suitable for different family styles and dining occasions. There is definitely one suitable for everyone~ Come and see what they are!

· Feeling like being in a palace: a collection of lace plates for colorful dishes


                                                                 【Product recommendation】 JOTO handmade kiln-shaped petal plate_CJR0534

Don't know how to choose a plate? Let me teach you a little trick! Don’t underestimate the decorative design of the plate edge of the plate, not only the color of the plate needs to be coordinated with the color of the meal, but if you want to serve more colorful and visually complex meals today (for example: assorted vegetables, salads, seafood stewed rice)  Then it is more suitable for lace plates, which can support multiple complex levels of vision.


                                            【Product recommendation】 JOTO handmade flower-shaped ceramic dish western food plate_CJR0439

As the colors and shapes of meals become simpler (multiple colors become two or three colors, and small pieces with various shapes become large pieces with less variety), you can gradually choose a simpler design on the edge of the plate. Of course, the texture of the plate itself is also very important. For example, the Western-style food plate above is a style that can be moved in and out. It is simpler than the first one, but the radial pattern and flower-shaped edge of the plate do not make the plate look monotonous.


                                                           【Product recommendation】JOTO Japanese handmade ceramic dinner plate_CJR0508

Finally, if the meals are relatively simple, and the shape and color are gradually becoming monotonous and the quantity is decreasing, you can also refer to the above arrangement. The multi-stripe design allows the visual focus to be focused, and the texture of the matte surface does not make the vision too strong to steal the attention of the food itself. It is quite a versatile design plate and suitable for both home and restaurant!

· Not just shape: color and texture are key!


                                                     【Product recommendation】 JOTO Japanese handmade retro ceramic dinner plate_CJR0524

In addition to the rim shape mentioned above, if it is a round plate, it can also make a layered design! Like this one, small changes are made in both color and height, so that the visual focus can be naturally focused on the food. But this dinner plate is more suitable for dishes with a relatively single color and shape, such as fried fish, clear soup, etc.


                                                          【Product recommendation】JOTO handmade ceramic octagonal dinner plate_CJR0367

Finally, as always, leave a medium-to-high-level plate with difficulty for plate-placement masters! This octagonal dinner plate is delicate in texture and uniform in color, presenting a simple but extraordinary beauty as a whole. The octagonal plate design and larger plate surface test the design sense of the plate setter and the mastery of the color and shape of the meal. If the meal itself is more layered: various colors, various shapes, or even blocky and liquid designs (cake, steak, etc.), you can consider challenging the octagonal dinner plate!

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