Sometimes people are really "contradictory" and want to pursue an "ordinary life" but the days are as ordinary as boiled water. It is a new day, but the old routine is repeated. If there is no trace of waves, they will start looking forward to be able to meet beauty and see a different scene… But the goodness in life always exists in the joy of daily life. Pushing the door is life, closing the window is fireworks. Whether life is proud or lost, it is a kind of self-fulfillment.

This week, the editor selects five super practical textured tableware from JOTO, adding texture to life in a simple life. Are you ready to come and meet beauty?

1. JOTO Jingdezhen White Porcelain Tableware Set_CJR0437

The first one is JOTO Jingdezhen White Porcelain Tableware Set_CJR0437. There are four kinds of dinner plates in this set.
Flat dish and other three sizes of deep dish, there is definitely one that can meet everyone's needs!

The gray is deep and reveals the texture. The combination of kaolin and white enamel makes the plate look delicate and stable. The bright surface is also easy to clean. It is really the best choice for home plate!

If you like the design of this series of tableware, in addition to the plate, you might as well bring a few more tableware to form a set gift box!
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2. JOTO Japanese handmade ceramic dinner plate set CJR0404

This next one has a total of three sizes, four colors, and a total of 12 options!
It really troubles the editor who has a choice disorder! Each color is very good-looking, and I don't know which one to choose!

Simple white is simple but not monotonous; bright black is deep but elegant, simple and simple; deep blue,
It seems to see a peaceful ocean, and finally the beige dinner plate is like fine sand on a warm beach, with a delicate texture, which makes people feel relaxed.

The vortex in the middle of the plate is the trace of the hand-drawing of the pottery master. Every circle makes people feel the heart and care of the pottery master.
Each plate is made in pairs of skilled hands, with palms in a circle,
Let the kaolin be cared for and produced like newborns on the fast wheel.

3. JOTO Japanese-style handmade fine pottery tableware set_CJR0468

The next one is also one of several styles of the tableware set!
There are a total of two colors, three sizes, and a total of six serving plate options in this stoneware dinnerware set!

The combination of fine ceramic texture and yellow, beige and white color combination.
It makes the simple plate look quite artistic, although it is simple but lively, it reveals unique taste in the tiny details!

The black style is even more artistic. The combination of black and beige makes the plate more distinctive. The slightly conflicting but consistent design makes the food on it more refined. Friends who like color matching design must not miss this dinner plate. If you like it, you can also buy the whole set gift box~ Hurry up and private message the editor to ask about the matching plan of the set gift box~

4. JOTO Stoneware Tableware Set CJR0042

Next, the dinner plate in this gift box is also quite distinctive. If you like pottery, you should find that the texture of this dinner plate is quite different from the previous ones. The coarse pottery makes the graininess of the dinner plate more obvious and highlight the beauty of another texture!

The stoneware dinner plate has two colors, black and kiln color, and two sizes. There are four combinations for you to choose from! The texture of the black is relatively fine, but you can still see some particles like stars in the sky; the color of the kiln blends with the beige and white, which reminds people of the soil of their hometown, and it is a warm and close-to-heart feeling.

Like the second model, this one is also made by hand-drawing by pottery masters. The rough pottery makes the spiral show different characteristics, especially the kiln-changing color model, which makes people seem to see a beautiful galaxy! Even if you just put it aside and look at it, you can let your mood roam freely in the boundless universe!

5. JOTO Japanese Stoneware Color Glazed Serving Plate CJR0037

The last one is really exciting for everyone, and it is super difficult to choose a stoneware dinner plate! The design of this dinner plate is deep, each of which is a deep plate type, there are two sizes, six colors, a total of 12 options, plus a full set of 18 options, is it really hard to know what to choose! I really want it all!

With rough pottery texture and high-temperature glaze technology, the overall shape can feel the temperature of the hand, and each model is quite attractive~ The iron black is deep but not dull, and the orange and yellow models seem to be warm in spring, which is full of retro pottery feeling. The green style is quite translucent, sometimes it looks like blue and sometimes it looks like green, and there is a clear ocean between the blue and green reflections. The mustard color is relatively delicate and simple, but it also has a gentle beauty. Finally, the off-white color is rough but warm under the high-temperature glaze production technique.

Each one is quite beautiful, if you like it, you might as well buy a whole set!
Let you become the real "Food and Life Guru"

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