Small dishes are never the protagonists on the dinner table, and the things they hold are often not the main course. However, the dishes are an indispensable supporting role on the table. A good movie will not only have the protagonist, without tableware and supporting role dishes, the taste will always be less delicious ( The dipping sauce does not know where to go !)  Although it is just an inconspicuous role on the dinner table, JOTO will not be sloppy! Today, let me recommend some super beautiful dishes for you, and you can see the super texture life taste from the subtle places~

❚ I hope the flowers in my heart are in full bloom – the dessert is also very particular


                                                                                  【Product recommendation】 JOTO Japanese-style handmade ceramic household petal dish_CJR0363

Different small plates are suitable for holding different delicacies, some can be used as sauce plates, and some can be used as dessert plates for desserts. My own design method is to consider the taste and appearance of the food itself, and choose the plate that best matches the image that the food wants to convey. For example, sweet ice cream has a round shape and a sweet image, so the petal dish above is quite suitable. Or round and small macarons or cookies.


                                                                              【Product recommendation】 JOTO Japanese-style handmade fine pottery fancy small plate_CJR0366

The above one is more rounded in shape than the first one, so considering the shape and taste of the dessert, and most importantly – the image conveyed by the food itself, it may be like a jam pudding or a quicksand cake, which will be quite in line with the image. However, if it is a square sponge cake or cheesecake, it is not suitable to be served on a petal plate. Apart from the overall inconsistency, the matching of the shape is a bit uncoordinated.


                                                                                               【Product recommendation】 JOTO handmade creative ceramic dinner plate_CJR0535

I personally think that if you want to hold a more square cake, or a cake with a stronger shape (such as a small fan-shaped cake), the above one is more suitable. First of all, the round plate will not make the whole dessert look too complicated (the plate is oddly shaped, and the cake is also angular), and the overall vision is more harmonious. In addition, the color of this plate is quite versatile, the blend of dark brown and gold makes the small pastries placed on it seem to be under the spotlight. On the one hand, it can highlight the design of the pastry itself. On the other hand, the dish itself is also unique when you look closely. It can be said to be the savior for novices!

❚ Experts look here! A necessary advanced dish for appetizer & dipping sauce


                                                                                          【Product Recommendation】 JOTO Japanese Stoneware Tea Cup Sauce Plate XCBR0074

Next, I would like to introduce two textured small plates that test the ability to arrange plates and play new tricks on small plates~ First of all, the seasoning dish above has a lot of colors. The visual design of the particles and the color of the seasoning dish itself are very important how to match it with appetizers or dipping sauces. Like the small dessert with red bean filling above, the small design is matched with green and yellow colors, and the combination of red bean filling and granules makes the overall beauty quite unique.


                                                                                                【Product recommendation】 JOTO Prato vintage stoneware tableware_CJR0359

Finally, I will introduce this Prato retro stoneware tableware. The combination of stoneware particles and colors is the focus of the plate. However, this tableware has more choices in the size of the plate. You can choose plates of different sizes to achieve different plate effects ~ There are bright red cherries on the mint green plate, or one or two scoops of vanilla and milk ice cream, which definitely has a sense of design in terms of visual design. The stripe design around the plate and the shape of the round plate make the plate setting more inclusive, and it is also a versatile style! After reading so much, if you are excited, come and take a look at these recommended small dishes, which can also show your own life taste in an inconspicuous place.

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