After I got home and put down my things, I stared at the wall behind the sofa, always feeling that there was something missing in such an empty space. Or the walls that are always in a certain corner of the room or corridor, I feel that they need to be a little different. After changing the color of the paint several times, I always feel that something needs to be placed on it to fill the feeling of emptiness. The editor is here to help you sort out some good-looking wall decorations. Maybe there are a few styles that suit your home?


                                                                  【Product recommendation】 JOTO ceramic small fish wall hangings_DER0010

Thinking back to the seaside of Lanyu in summer, looking at the most beautiful waves I have ever seen in my life, gazing at the most beautiful blue ocean I have ever seen in my life. In fact, I feel from my heart that the ocean is a very charming place. All life originates from this sea, and everything on this island is closely related to the sea. How should we imagine the future of an island? Maybe the blue sea is a possibility.


                                                          【Product Recommendation】 JOTO Wall Plate Tableware Secret Garden Ornament_DER0020

Blossoms of flowers, mysterious lines and dazzling designs, if the wall is in black and white style, maybe the secret garden hanging decoration will be a good choice. Sometimes I want a simple feeling, the color should not be too rich but the layers must not be less, a simple sense of design. If you like cats, I guess you will like the plates painted by Endre Penovac, placed on the wall next to the dining table, creating a warm vitality with the cats at home.


                                                              【Recommended Product】 JOTO Painter Endre Penovac Cat Series Plate_DER0025

Sometimes the style of the home is relatively strong, and it is hoped to create a high-end texture. At this time, the combination of simple black and white and birds with clear composition is definitely a good design choice. Whether it is placed in a row or placed up and down in a square design, it is a very good design idea. The end of the corridor, the wall behind the sofa, or any empty small block of the wall is absolutely suitable for black and white bird design.


                                                                   【Product Recommendation】 JOTO Wall Plate Tableware Secret Garden DER0016

In the end, I think the following wall decoration pendant is very suitable for the wall that is exposed to sunlight. Through the rustic touch of stoneware and the drape of vines, it is definitely suitable for decorating the corner of the sunny home. When I got home and looked at the vibrant and green foliage plants by the window, I felt somewhat relieved.


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