Even in the scorching summer, the editor is still immersed in the plots of novels,just like traveling to distant lands, enjoying snowscapes I've never imagined in my lifetime. Whether it's "The Sheepherder" or "Land of Little Rain," they both depict unique snow scenes. Thus, using this topic, I'd like to recommend the carefully selected rustic pottery products. When you hold a solid rustic pottery bowl or plate in your hands, its weight feels like that of a humble rural craftsman shaking hands with you.



【產品推薦】九土 日式手工雙耳粗陶餐盤湯碗_CJR0421



Imagine a less developed city, where asphalt roads haven't fully covered the small town. However, this city has a beautiful name, just like An Pu wrote in "Grandmother's Bridge," "In the center of the town, there's a high moon, and the village has good families." This beautiful city always exudes a certain ancient and rustic imagery.



【產品推薦】九土 手工粗陶果盤餐盤_CJR0445

Global warming is quite ruthless to this non-coastal city. The scorching heat of summer makes even walking on concrete roads feel sticky. Passing by vehicles stirs up rolling dust, leaving one covered in dirt and sand. Nevertheless, this is an honest city. Inside are workshops with pairs of skillful hands, delicately holding the clay.



【產品推薦】九土 日式手工粗陶餐盤_CJR0406


Walking through this city, you're often reminded of ancient origin myths. Whether it's Prometheus or Nüwa, or even God, they all used clay to create humanity, adding water or the duality of good and evil. As you gaze at the spinning potter's wheel, you've probably pondered, "Perhaps the pottery master is also creating something akin to life."



【產品推薦】九土 日式手工復古粗陶餐碗_ CJR0486


After reading some Marxism, your belly full of anger, watching the artisan's crafting techniques, that anger seems to wane a bit. The deskilling of workers, a stripping of their dignity, is the last scene you'd want to see. Yet, observing artisans shaping clay into intricate pottery piece by piece, that warmth and admiration for them make you realize that these pottery items aren't merely commodities with a price tag.



【產品推薦】九土 日式手工粗陶餐盤_CJR0471


Out of respect for this craft and the artisans, JOTO certainly selects the best materials, enabling artisans to create unique pieces by hand. Though the unit price may be a bit higher, it all stems from respecting the craft and its creators, honoring pottery as an art of everyday life. Expecting these meticulously crafted products to be appreciated and brought home by those who understand, on the other side, a humble artisan extends a hand in greeting.


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