It's been a week since the Lantern Festival, and we've entered the third month of the new calendar year. Have you already planned out several important goals and strategies for chasing your dreams this year? Many people consider leaving their jobs after the new year to pursue a better life, a more ideal, and a more promising career. Today, let me share with you some recent insights I've gained about life!

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What exactly constitutes a good life? It's a question many ponder. "Successful individuals" often outline specific goals like higher salaries, better job titles, and a more fulfilling life. However, for me, these aren't the goals of a good life; they're just means to an end.

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Why do we need higher salaries? Better job titles? Why invest our free time in side hustles and personal branding? These questions probe your ideal of a "good life." Are you seeking financial freedom? Security? Recognition?

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Before blindly filling all your free time with activities, take a moment to contemplate what kind of life you truly desire. Pay particular attention to your ideals regarding relationships. If you aspire to have a healthy and harmonious family and friend dynamic, focusing solely on earning money and self-improvement may be misplaced priorities.

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Building relationships often requires more than material or financial attractiveness. Rather than taking loved ones to fancy restaurants or hotels where they receive impersonal service from strangers, they likely value the intimacy of being together. Even simply staying at home, drinking tea, watching TV, and chatting can be a significant investment in relationships.

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I believe that "comfort and safety" are essential components of a good life. Ensuring that those you live with feel comfortable and safe is the goal of our hard work. It's not about needing more money or higher job titles; it's about dedicating more thought to how we interact with others. These invisible lessons are often what truly make the pursuit of a good life worthwhile. What do you think?

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