After returning home from work, covered in the dust of this city, your own sweat, and the lingering feeling of busyness, it's time to unwind. After putting down everything and taking a shower, returning to the living room, lighting a lamp, and brewing a cup of bedtime tea, it's time to enjoy some music, read a book, and relieve the fatigue of the day. Today, let's appreciate some of JOTO's exquisite products together!

【Product Recommendation】JOTO Chinese-style Multi-functional Tea Warmer_PJR0110

I've always believed that one of the essential home decorations is appropriate indirect lighting. One of my own home aesthetics is to use different light colors and brightness to match my different moods every day. If you want to read for a long time, increase the brightness; if you just want to be alone and quiet, adjust the color temperature to warm and lower the brightness.

【Product Recommendation】JOTO Original Modern Minimalist Romantic Candle Holder_PJR0073

"Yearning for life is simply having quiet freedom." This lyric is from the song "diminished" by singer-songwriter Zheng Yinong, which perfectly expresses the sentiments of modern people. Nowadays, there is too much technology adding too much complexity and stimulation to life, making it difficult to find a quiet and relaxing place.

【Product Recommendation】JOTO Japanese-style Rough Pottery Vintage Incense Burner Candle Holder_PJR0077

You've probably heard that our electronic devices can affect the secretion of melatonin in the brain, thereby affecting our sleep. Therefore, my new year's resolution is to replace scrolling on my phone with reading and replace intense TV series with a warm cup of bedtime tea. Choose a favorite literary work to read carefully, allowing yourself to fall asleep peacefully in the warm light.

【Product Recommendation】JOTO Japanese-style Antique Cast Iron Candle Holder_PJR0086

I hope that in the new year, everyone can find time to make the world simpler, quieter, with just a cup of tea, a lamp, a book, a song, and truly relax with themselves.

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