The Dragon Boat Festival is over, I don’t know if you have eaten meat dumplings and have a flatulence~ One of the festivals that I look forward to most every year is the Dragon Boat Festival, because the meat Zongzi made by my grandma are full of love! This is a peaceful place beyond the annual North-South Zongzi war. No matter the southern Zongzi, northern Zongzi, meat Zongzi, alkali Zongzi or sweet dumpling (chaotic and evil Zongzi, as long as there is starch stuffing inside, it is Zongzi?), they are all made by the chef himself. This is a tenderness that nothing can replace~ Let me take everyone to enjoy the tea set and let everyone relieve their greasy ~

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I don’t know how everyone’s Dragon Boat Festival is going. I’m leaving Taiwan for the first time this year. It’s really sad to say that I’m on the other side of the world because I have to attend a seminar. But when I heard that my grandma would remember to ask my family to save a few Zongzi for me, I felt much calmer inside.

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I don’t know if you like the northern Zongzi or the southern Zongzi better. Since I grew up in a northern family, I have been used to eating 3D oily rice since I was a child (?). But because my mother comes from a family in southern Taiwan, I still have the opportunity to eat one or two Zongzi every year. Although the taste of southern Zongzi is much different, the hearts of the family members wrapped in rice dumplings are connected, and I like them very much.

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As a person who has not been very temperate since childhood, I have to keep reminding myself not to eat too many zongzi and get flatulence every Dragon Boat Festival. When I was young, I was told by my family members, but now I have to learn self-discipline not to eat too many zongzi when I grow up. It is a bit embarrassing to say it is true. Maybe it's because grandma always remembers that I don't like salted egg yolks, so the special meat Zongzi are always better, or because I feel happy knowing that my preference has been remembered.

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If you feel a bit too greasy when eating zongzi, I recommend that you mix it with some greasy tea. If you feel that drinking hot tea in summer is a bit too dry, you can drink iced tea and put it in a cute small cup.Let yourself eat a zongzi, even when it is greasy, it is elegant.

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After the Dragon Boat Festival, after eating zongzi, remember not to eat too much, you will get fat or flatulence, and you can drink some tea in time, I also remind everyone to remember to call their relatives far away and say "Happy Dragon Boat Festival" and "Thank you" to them. Let them know that you still miss them when they are far away, and let yourself know that there is always a family at home waiting for you to return home successfully.

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