In this overly complicated world, amidst the bustling and competitive society, sometimes all we want is to find a simple, elegant haven. A place where life can regain its calmness, where we can listen to simple songs, and savor a few cups of uncomplicated tea. Today, as the editor chats with you, let's appreciate a few minimalist-style tea cups, finding that blank space in our lives.


【Product Recommendation】JOTO Jingdezhen Minimalist High White Glaze Gongfu Tea Cup_XCBR0041


Lately, the island has been experiencing constant rainfall. The scorching sun in the morning is often followed by pouring rain in the afternoon, as if cleansing the entire city. Thunder rumbles, and lightning strikes amidst the thick clouds, illuminating the city with sporadic flashes. "This island is so small that everything becomes complicated," is something I often think.


【Product Recommendation】JOTO Blue and White Double Circle Porcelain Tea Cup XCBR0007


Sitting on the bus commuting to downtown Taipei for classes, I gaze outside as the rain temporarily stops. The faint sunlight breaks through the dense clouds, casting subtle beams onto the raindrop-studded windows on the right side of the bus. These rays refract into a myriad of tiny lights. The bus is bathed in the bright, warm hues of the setting sun, a soothing orange glow.


【Product Recommendation】JOTO Thin-Rimmed Straw Hat Tea Cup_XCBR0002


Gazing at the clean sky beyond the shattered rain clouds, I ponder in silence. This broken yet rare blue sky might just be the reason to continue striving for life. The setting sun casts its radiance into the compartment, creating thousands of luminous streams. For a brief moment, it feels like being in a dance hall.


【Product Recommendation】JOTO Japanese Handcrafted Thin-Rimmed Tea Cup with Hat Design_XCBR1021


In the symbolism of the complex afternoon thunderstorm—torrential rain, lightning, thunder—it all serves to bring this overly noisy city back to tranquility. Sometimes, a reason to keep pushing forward might be as simple as a blue sky, filling the heart with warmth.


【Product Recommendation】JOTO Japanese Zen-Style Thin-Rimmed Tea Cup with Purple Gold Edge_XCBR0010


Amidst this relentless pursuit of urban extravagance, looking up at the sky, all we sometimes need is a moment of peace. A sky that is pure, elegant, and serene; a space to catch our breath.


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