Sometimes you don’t pay that much attention when making tea, but do you still have a few tips for making tea that you need to pay attention to? I searched the Internet for a few interesting tidbits to share with you, please refer to this week’s product recommendations~

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First of all, friends with cardiovascular disease are advised not to drink strong tea too often, because the caffeine in strong tea may be too high, which will cause blood vessels to dilate, and may not be a good thing for those friends with weaker cardiovascular. Furthermore, because of caffeine, it is not recommended to drink tea before going to bed, so as to avoid insomnia troubles for friends who have difficulty falling asleep.

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In addition, it is not recommended to drink a lot of strong tea before a meal, which will affect the absorption of the next meal. In addition, it is not recommended to drink a lot of tea after drinking, so as not to add the stimulating effect of alcohol and tea to each other, which will have some counterproductive effects.

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It is also recommended not to drink the tea that has just been picked. Many substances that can cause diarrhea and abdominal distension have not had time to oxidize. Drinking too much may make the body slightly uncomfortable. At the same time, don't forget not to use tea to take medicine, which will more or less affect the effect of the medicine.

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Finally, it is not recommended to drink overnight tea (here, of course, refers to freshly brewed tea, not canned tea sold in supermarkets), because overnight tea has not only lost the conditions for brewing the best drinking at the moment, but may also be caused by improper preservation which allows some tiny bacteria to grow. In order to avoid physical discomfort, it is better to drink less tea overnight.

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Of course, these suggestions cannot be regarded as instructions from doctors, and can only be regarded as a little advice. In fact, please consult professional doctors according to your own situation, so as to give you the most suitable tea drinking guide according to your physical condition. Let you drink healthily and happily.

The tea man Zhou Yu has one leaf and one universe, and his three perfect ways to taste tea. #tea tasting#flavored tea#tea culture. I once saw him share the way of drinking tea in an interview: "I make tea at will, It’s free, unlike some people who pay attention to Zen tea and can’t talk.” How do you drink tea? You are welcome to leave a message to me and share your tea tasting experience with us.

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