Ever wondered what your ideal retirement life would look like? My mother often mentions a life like this: owning a courtyard with a sweet osmanthus tree, its branches adorned with a swing. Sitting on the swing, smelling the fragrance of osmanthus, reading a book, and if in the mood, brewing a cup of tea to chat with her partner, peacefully enjoying the genuine tranquility of life. Today, let's discuss retirement life together.

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Though retirement is still far off for me, I occasionally ponder what I'll do after retirement. I've realized that retirement is a phase of life worth planning and contemplating. What do we want to do in the final stage of life?

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Perhaps waking up before dawn becomes a habit, leisurely getting up, washing up, and then opening the curtains to let the sunlight into the room. After a glass of water, taking a stroll nearby, getting some exercise, and starting the day with a bit of sweat.

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Having breakfast while reading, writing reading notes to keep the habit of thinking alive. Enjoy the morning sunlight while reading!

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In the afternoon, attending classes or activities, going to desired places like hiking or joining senior classes, browsing bookstores, watching movies, ensuring the health of body and mind.

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In the evening, planning the next trip, chatting with friends, watching TV, ending the perfect day. Before retirement, it's time to think about plans for the future!

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