Today is the second day of the Lunar New Year, and according to folk customs, if a daughter is married, she will choose this day to return to her maiden home to visit family. With social changes, returning home is no longer as challenging as before, and the progress of gender concepts allows daughters not only to see their families on the second day but partners can decide to take turns going home for the New Year. Although society is constantly changing, some things still linger in our hearts, becoming knots that are hard to untie. Let the editor invite you back to the warm home of JOTO and chat with us about going home.


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In the well-known Korean drama "My Mister," there is a scene where the protagonist clearly has only an hour and a half to return home, but why hasn't he returned home for nearly twenty years? Perhaps it is because of internal knots that make it difficult to come back. Have you ever hesitated to return home, even if it's convenient, due to various reasons?


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The editor won't say irresponsible things like "let bygones be bygones," but the editor hopes to remind everyone that the "present" is constantly changing, and those people or things that caused us harm are constantly changing with time.


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Letting go and forgiveness doesn't necessarily mean that the person who made us unhappy has "become a better person" because the focus of forgiveness and letting go has never been on the person who caused the harm, but on the person who was hurt.

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When we were taught that only sincere reflection and heartfelt apology from the other party could make us forgive, seriously thinking about it would reveal that even if the other party reflects and apologizes, our emotional knots may not necessarily be untied. The key is how the painful wound can be comforted and how the pain can be metabolized in memory.

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Reflection is important, apology is important, but they are actually not related to forgiveness and letting go. Forgiveness and letting go mean that I am no longer willing to be constrained by this matter, and I am willing to let this matter gradually fade away so that I won't think about it all the time. Therefore, forgiveness and letting go have always been unrelated to the other party and have everything to do with how you want your own life to proceed. Remember, even if you forgive and let go, it does not mean that the pain of the past is denied or that you acknowledge the other person as a good person. It just means that you think your life should move on to a new stage.


In 2024, remember to go home.

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