With the Lantern Festival just passed, it signifies the end of the New Year atmosphere, and the days of daily life continue. Are you all ready? Today, let me share with you the tea culture of the Song Dynasty in ancient China, and draw some inspiration and insights from their elegant lifestyle.

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One of the tea rituals prevalent during the Song Dynasty was called "Dian Cha," characterized by intricate steps and graceful movements. Song people engraved their landscapes in both paintings and tea, believing that the quality of life was far more valuable than wealth and power.

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The painting "Preparing Tea" by Liu Songnian during the Song Dynasty depicted many tea utensils, including tea grinders, tea stoves, tea bottles, tea cups, and tea trays. As the leading brand of tea utensils, JOTO produces and crafts these tools meticulously, not only focusing on quality but also cultural heritage.

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The wisdom and culture of the Song Dynasty offer insights applicable to contemporary life. In a society bombarded with advertisements pushing for individual excellence and constant self-improvement, can we create a more sustainable pace of life? Slowing down our lives is an essential contemporary topic.

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Value isn't solely derived from work; mastering the rhythm of life and living leisurely is what truly defines excellence. In the industrial age, we might have been led to believe that only activities that generate income are valuable, mistaking the means of a good life for the goal itself.

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How to slow down life, allowing it to truly sink into our hearts, and feeling relaxed from within is the key to becoming outstanding in a society constantly pursuing productivity.

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