I saw an article that used Chinese classical poetry to think about the valuable factors of being a human being. The whole article was a bit old-fashioned, but it aroused my further thinking about why I am a human being. Let me share my thoughts with you, recommend a few selected products, and explore together what it means to be a human being in an ever-changing world.


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Instead of using Chinese poetry that is difficult to understand and not necessarily relevant as a starting point for thinking, I hope to think directly with my friends through questions in vernacular. Now that artificial intelligence is becoming more and more developed, human beings' dependence on technology has become increasingly inseparable. From the simplest life assistance, including the simplest glasses to complex heart stents, the boundary of "being a human being" is constantly being pushed because of the advancement of technology. How should we rethink what it means to be human?


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I think the first one is "feeling". People can constantly exchange information with the world because of their senses. Because we can feel, we have "emotions", and emotions can sometimes make people strong, and sometimes make people vulnerable or hesitant. This is a very valuable condition as a human being, because we can feel, because we have emotions, we are different from artificial intelligence. We hurt, we get tired, we feel.


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In addition, I feel that our imperfections as humans make us more "authentic." By accepting that we are not perfect and that our perspectives may be limited, we are able to be more authentic to others. After facing our own flaws sincerely, we discovered the limitations and deviations of human beings, and since then we can think about the fairness of AI judges. Can we still say that AI judges are impartial if the data fed to them comes from biased people? We are more able to face our subjectivity sincerely than machines.


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If you still want to talk about the value of being a human being, I think it may be the "compassion" based on feelings. Because we can empathize with others and have compassion, we are gentle because of our senses, and we can discover the complexity and thickness of facts because of gentleness. In this present when the boundaries of human beings are constantly being pushed, we become stronger because of our emotions. This is because we have the ability to put ourselves in the shoes of others.


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The above thinking is by no means unfounded. The "theory of mind" developed by physical anthropology and psychology is constantly thinking about what it means to be a human being? What is the difference between us and other primates and high-intelligence animals? Now that science and technology are developing vigorously, it is time for us to also take artificial objects into consideration, constantly looking for the particularity and non-specialty of being human, and finding out the connections and distinctions amid ever-pushing boundaries.

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