To love tea is to cherish the kindness, tranquility, elegance, and simplicity inherent in tradition. A cup of hot tea not only warms the hands but also the heart. Unfurling the spirit of happiness, tea serves as the soul's sanctuary amidst life's complexities. When feeling lonely, tea becomes the solace of the soul; when troubled, it offers warmth and comfort; when lost, it provides a sanctuary for the spirit; when feeling defeated, it becomes the bitterness of tears. Through tea, we taste the ups and downs of the world and the joys and sorrows of life. Today, let's discuss tea and life together.

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Do you ever feel that drinking tea from a teacup is quite an elaborate affair? It's not just about the process but more often a feeling. The context should match the tea, the temperature, and the type of teacup.

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From the perspective of environmental psychology, the items we use daily are projections of ourselves. We can discern someone's personality from the items they use and hope that the items around us reflect a certain degree of personal style.

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This starts from a very young age. We attach our personality labels to things that belong to us. Our clothing reflects our taste, our home decor reflects our style, and the books on our shelves give a glimpse into our personality and lifestyle.

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So, drinking tea and preparing tea suddenly become intriguing. It's like bringing all aspects of life and all our commitments to life through something called "tea." Tea becomes the stage for expressing ourselves in daily life. Which type of tea? What brewing method? What teaware to use? These are all reflections of life.

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That's why I appreciate the various rituals in life because they reflect my current life situation and serve as a mirror of myself. Do you share the same feeling?

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